Creative Gender Neutral Nursery Decorating IdeasCreative Gender Neutral Nursery Decorating Ideas

Decorating a nursery is difficult in and of itself. Decorating a gender-neutral nursery for your sweet surprise bundle is an even bigger challenge. Over the years, I’ve seen several different nursery accessories and themes go in and out of style and I’ve learned firsthand how to create a timeless nursery look for the baby.

Focus on color first. Blue, chocolate, green-yellow, and white bedding sets are some classic colors that work really well with either boy or girl rooms. Sorry ladies, you’ll have to stay away from pink on this one. Several crib bedding stores and baby boutiques carry additional sheets in more gender-defining colors so that after the baby is born you can add more distinct accents into the original set.

Have fun with patterns and fabric styles to enhance a simple or bland looking nursery. So many modern crib bedding sets today feature fabulous animal patterns, luxe silk fabrics, and more that will add flavor to neutral nursery design. Damask, stripes, dots and other patterns work well for boy or girl and can be paired with interesting fabric styles like pleated crib skirts or reversible duvets.

Several baby boutiques often carry custom rugs, meaning you can choose everything from rug shape to color to border inlay color and stitching. Because you can choose the specific color you are looking for as well as add different shapes and patterns, custom rugs can be a unique accent in your child’s room. Plus, you can say you built it yourself. Remember to be aware of color discrepancies when you’re ordering. I would recommend calling the store and seeing if they can give you an idea of what the color actually looks like and if it stays true to the web image.