Lovely Kids Playroom Design Ideas Gender NeutralLovely Kids Playroom Design Ideas Gender Neutral

If you are fortunate enough to have some space for a playroom, this can be a wonderful addition to any home. Consider turning a spare room, formal living or dining room, or basement into a playroom for your children. It will help keep toys out of your main living areas and provides the children their own special place.

Some parents even have their children share bedrooms and turn an extra room into the playroom. Other parents have sectioned off a part of the great room for a play space. Use your creativity and what works best for your home.

Some aspects of the toy room such as paint and flooring are permanent, but you might like the variety of changing toys and decorations. Keep this in mind when choosing items for your playroom. Children love bright colors in their playroom. Have them help you pick out the paint or choose cheery colors you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to use two different colors perhaps a different color on each wall or a wall divided by a crown molding strip or border with one paint color on top and another at the bottom.

Consider getting some chalkboard paint and putting this on one wall or some section of a wall. It will serve as an instant chalkboard and you can use erasers or a dry wet rag to keep it clean. Murals can be fun and easy. If you are not the most artistically inclined person, keep it simple. Any of us can do trees, flowers, rainbows, balloons, moons, stars, clouds, etc. If you have a more artistic friend or family member you might enlist their help. You might want to keep one wall free that you can use to display your child’s art and craftwork. Children love to have their works displayed. When it gets full, you can take it down and replace it with new work.