Artemide Lighting Innovative Contemporary Home Lighting

There are many options to choose from when choosing lighting for your home. You can go with traditional lighting fixtures like you would get in older homes or you can choose contemporary lighting. Companies like Artemide Lighting create innovative and contemporary lighting solutions that are perfect for modern homes. This article explores what you need to know about this lighting option.

What is The Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Lighting?

It is understandable to think that contemporary and modern mean the same thing when it comes to lighting. However, to choose the best lighting for your home, you need to know the difference between the two.

In many ways, modern and contemporary lighting designs overlap such that there is little difference between the two. This is what makes people use them interchangeably although they are different in the world of design and lighting options.

Modern lighting options are known for their simplicity and clean look. These designs are era-specific meaning they are modern for specific eras but can be seen as vintage when they are placed in other eras. Modern lighting designs place a significant emphasis on angled assembly, solid and neutral colours, natural materials, symmetry, and era-specific designs.

Contemporary lighting options, on the other hand, are elegant and embrace change. Contemporary design adds life to its creations, which is something you will see in many contemporary lighting options.

Contemporary lighting options like Artemide Lighting embrace the uses of patterns and shapes that can be simple or complicated depending on the specific product you are looking at, use glass and metal, combine current and past trends, place an emphasis on comfort, include dynamic designs, and use curved lines and specific unique forms.

Characteristics of Artemide Lighting Options

Artemide Lighting Innovative Contemporary Home Lighting

Artemide options use smooth and uncomplicated profiles that include simple lines and curves. They also use uncomplicated shapes that we all recognize as well as new innovative shapes that look modern but still maintain some recognizability.

Their contemporary lighting also features grayscale times, although some do have a pop of colour that make them unique. Artemide Lighting also uses recent innovations such as LED lights to create unique profiles that would not be possible using traditional lighting options.

Lighting a Home Using Artemide Lighting Options

Lighting a home is essential when decorating the home, and there are different options and ways to light a home. How you do it will depend on the types of products you use as well as the different spaces you are lighting. Artemide products are great for use in different spaces.

Lighting Large Spaces

Artemide Lighting Innovative Contemporary Home Lighting

There are several ways to light larger spaces depending on the room. The kitchen will typically require the brightest lights as a lot happens in the kitchen. Installing lights high in the ceiling will help flood the space with a lot of light. You can also hang pendants and light strips that will light the space adequately without taking too much space themselves.

You can also hang a frame above the counter and install some contemporary light options that will not only ensure you have enough light in the space, but that will also help the frame not to look out of place.

For the bedroom, you need dimmer lights that will help you see around the room but that will not interrupt your sleep. There are a lot of dimmer options available from Artemide, and you can also get custom options for your space so it looks like you would want it to.

An option that is becoming very popular is pointing lights towards the wall. If you have bright lights, you can use the wall to diffuse the light. The effect is a room that looks bright enough due to the ambient light produced, but one where the glare of the light does not make you uncomfortable.

Mix It Up

Another option to think about is layered illumination. This is where you use more than one type of light in a room to make it look the way you would like, ensuring all parts of the house are lit up but without shadows showing.

In the living room, start by hanging a large light in the centre of the room. Once you have this main source of light fixed, you can add downlights to the outer walls so the light washes down the walls, curtains, and other decor you have in the home. This produces warm, functional lighting that is neither too bright nor too dim.

You can also use some accent lights to highlight art and create contrast. Charting different types of light for the home is certainly something you have to think about when shopping for home lighting to ensure your home is illuminated properly and that you get the effect you are looking for.

Do Not Overdo It

Because you can use multiple lights in single rooms, it is easy to overdo it. This is often a problem with overhead and downlights. Overdoing your lighting will leave bright spots and unwanted shadows on the walls and this is something you do not want.


Artemide contemporary lighting options look great in contemporary and modern homes. There are a lot of options to choose from for the different rooms in your home. Because of this, it becomes easier to light your house however you like.