Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Did you know that you can keep yourself and your home cool in the sweltering summer months while being kind to the environment? For many people, summer is synonymous with beach cricket, barbeques, and endless dips in the pool.

But sometimes, the summer becomes unforgiving and turning on the air conditioner seems to be the only option. Hence it is always required to get your air conditioner repair done before summer starts. There are times when you wish to keep your house cool while saving some bucks. Here are the top 7 ways that can keep your home cool in summer:

  1. Allow cool air to come in

Homes in the UK are designed to hold warm air in. In order to allow cool air to come in, you have to keep the window open all through the night. If there are safety concerns in the area where you reside, you may keep the windows open in the early hours of the day or before going to bed as the temperature drops low.

  1. Encourage optimum airflow

The best way to keep your home cool is to keep windows on opposite sides open. This will allow cool air to move in and hot air to blow out. Loft windows are perfect for this since hot air being lighter rises above the ground. If you don’t have windows in opposite directions, you may keep the doors open for some time. You can also use a stand fan for allowing speedy airflow.

  1. Restrict hot activities

When you want to keep the heat at bay, avoid running electrical appliances or cooking for long hours. It’s going to generate heat and turn your home into a furnace. You may become susceptible to heat exhaustion due to high humidity in the air. Therefore, wipe off excess water, take shorter showers and move all your houseplants out.

  1. Block the entry of heat

Another critical step to keep your house cool in summer is to block the source of heat. This way you can also save on energy costs. Try shading windows and walls using exterior covering such as awnings, blinds and even large plants. Deciduous trees are great for casting shade on your home while allowing the sun to keep it warm during winter.

  1. Adjust your ceiling fans

At times, you could feel that the ceiling fans are only expelling out warm air rather than keeping your home cool. While you are not completely wrong. To make the most of your fans, set them at the highest speed and counter-clockwise rotation to create a cooling effect.

  1. Seal gaps and close doors

When you are not using any room, it’s best to keep the door closed. It’s best to seal all gaps in the doors and windows to ensure that the cool air is locked within the room. Evaporative air-conditioning is also effective in increasing airflow through an interior space.

  1. Turning on your air conditioner

While this is a no-brainer, when all the above measures fail to give you a desirable temperature, your air conditioner is the true saviour. The ideal summer temperature should be around 78% F to keep your energy consumption in check. If you feel your ac isn’t working right, you can call a reputed air conditioner repair and ensure maximum comfort of your home.