Amazing Dog Patio Ideas For ApartmentAmazing Dog Patio Ideas For Apartment

The idea of keeping your pet dog in the patio may seem like a very smart move. The pet will stay out of your way and will still stay in the house. If you have a garden and if you have a patio situated right in the middle of the garden, you can give your pet a free run of your house by keeping it near the patio at all times.

However, this means that you will have to take extra care about the maintenance of your patio. If you want it to function as a room that is specifically designed for your pet dog, then there is absolutely no problem with such an approach.

However, if you intend to use the patio on a regular basis, then you will have to keep it clean and neat at all times. If you do not take the dog out for its constitutional, chances are high that it may end up dirtying the patio. If you even let it remain in that way for a day, you will find it very difficult to get rid of the resulting stink. Further, you will have to teach the pet dog that only a small portion of the patio is its resting place. Otherwise, it will start marking the territory and the entire room will be filled with a stink.

If the dog begins to treat the place as its territory, then it will not allow you to place your things and stuff in the room unless it consents. You may end up watching your plants and pots being thrown apart simply because the dog does not like it there. You will have to train it properly and make sure that it understands that the right to use the patio is merely a privilege that you have granted on a temporary basis. A smart move will be to let the dog use the patio at night when nobody is going to visit the same. However, make sure that it is tied or kept at a separate spot during the daytime. This simple trick is sufficient to inform the dog that it cannot take its access to the patio for granted.

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