34 Gorgeous Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas You Must Try34 Gorgeous Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas You Must Try

Light, airy, and modern, the apartment-style features streamlined furnishings, well-planned storage, and bold, bright accent colors – it’s a look guaranteed to make the most of small bedrooms. The fresh and functional approach to decorating looks fun in any bedroom, but is especially suited to small bedrooms like those in modern apartments.

It’s a cost-effective look that relies more on a lively imagination and a confident approach than on a generous budget. The look draws from many varied sources, which is part of its charm. For example, you can combine office-style, high-tech lighting with Scandinavian-style pale wood furniture and ethnic woven rugs.

The aim is to create a lively, comfortable space that’s practical, well organized, and easy to keep orderly, but with a youthful sense of fun. Fresh, pale, solid-toned walls are the starting point for the apartment bedroom. As well as creating a restful ambience, they provide an unobtrusive backdrop for colorful accessories. Inexpensive, simple furniture available from home-decorating stores suits the style’s streamlined look.

Many pieces come in flat-pack, self-assembly form – practical when negotiating apartment elevators and narrow stairways. Where possible, opt for dual-purpose bedroom furniture, such as a dressing or bedside table, which doubles as a desk, and perhaps a sofa bed – you can then enjoy the room during the day as well as at night.