35 Wonderful Elegant Curtains Ideas For Living Room Decor35 Wonderful Elegant Curtains Ideas For Living Room Decor

In most cases, you will want the sun to shine in during the day and then in the evening not be as open to the outdoors from preying eyes in the neighborhood. The best curtains for your living room will be ones that allow you to open the curtains in the day and possible tie the curtains up on the sides for an elegant appeal, then at night close the curtains and have that nice cozy feel.

A remote control system for your curtains will be excellent. This way in the morning, use the remote and open the curtains and while watching a movie or enjoying family time, just grab the remote and close the curtains with a touch of a button.

Factors you should consider when deciding on your living curtains can include: Do you want to be able to use a tie to hold the curtains back with the beautiful curve? Do you want the curtains to hand down straight instead of tied back? Would you like a valance at the top of the curtains?

Do you want the curtains to fall to the floor or end just below the window? Would you like a sheer behind the curtains to have more privacy in the daytime when you want the curtains opened? By choosing remote control curtains, you never have to worry about cords of any kind or the fuss of pulling the curtains opened or closed.