32 Popular Garage Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

32 Popular Garage Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

So, You Are Thinking About Adding a Garage? When you bought your home, it probably felt perfect. Maybe you were moving from a smaller home or apartment.

Maybe you had no kids or very young children. But now, things are starting to get a little cramped. This might be a great time to consider how to build a garage to accommodate your needs.

Usually, when someone thinks about a garage design, they think about how it accommodates a car. But as you look inside people’s garages, it tells a vastly different story. As it turns out, because a garage typically cost less than the addition or expansion of a room, people are building garages to be used as recreation rooms, workshops, home offices, warehouses for home-based enterprises, play rooms, child care centers, storage, or even a practice hall for the next big thing in music!

Some people even customize their garage design to serve as interim housing for children who are not quite ready to leave the nest. Occasionally … people even park cars in them! Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to build a garage, you will be surprised at how much of it you can do yourself.

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