What Does Countryside Residencia Rawalpindi has to offer

Purchasing a property or investing in real estate is an important decision as it involves a high cost. It is a tiresome task as you have to consider location, amenities, legal status, return on investment, and affordability before buying a property in any housing society.  Keeping your priorities in view, we are going to recommend you the best housing society in twin cities to invest in. The society is ‘Countryside Residencia’ that is offering extraordinary features as well as affordability.  This blog will help you find what Countryside Residencia has to offer.

Countryside Residencia Location

Location is no doubt the first thing that catches the attention of an investor. Countryside Residencia Rawalpindi is located at an ideal location on the main G.T Road which makes it easily accessible from all important landmarks of the city.  In addition, it is a few minutes’ drive from Islamabad Expressway and T-Chowk. Also, the Countryside Residencia location ensures a high return on investment which makes it more appealing to investors.

The most noteworthy feature of its location is being built on a countryside theme. It is far away from the city’s fuss yet it is a few minutes’ drive from the city.

Countryside Residencia Payment Plan

If you want to settle in a luxurious farmhouse setting but are unable to afford it you can take advantage of the Countryside Residencia payment plan. It offers a flexible payment plan. Developers aim to make housing affordable to everyone in this society. In addition, investors will have access to several plot sizes ranging from small to big plot categories. The housing project is offering property at quite reasonable prices. Also, customers who are unable to pay in one single payment can use the affordable installment plan.

Countryside Residencia Master Plan

The society offers an international standard master plan. A team of professionals carefully crafted and organized it to create it a masterpiece. It also includes top-notch facilities at a reasonable price. For individuals searching for long-term investment opportunities in twin cities as well as for those who wish to live stress-free away from the urban bustle, this is the best investment opportunity.

Furthermore, the project’s ideal location fulfills everyone’s need for a place where they can connect with beauty and nature. The builders are creating a community with all the amenities one might desire. In addition, the Countryside Residencia master plan offers affordable plots in various sizes.

Countryside Residencia Developers

Surbana Jurong (SJ) a Singapore-based company is taking responsibility for the architecture and design of the society. With experience in urban architecture, civil engineering, and sustainable infrastructure, it is currently one of the top companies in Asia. With more than 120 offices worldwide, it employs about 16,000 people worldwide. Their team includes expert designers, architects, urban planners, engineers, and other professionals. Countryside Residencia Developers aim to create the best housing society in the area.

Countryside Residencia NOC

RDA will shortly approve this Countryside Residencia NOC. In addition, there are no claims of land violations or illegal development in the society.

Exceptional Facilities

Countryside Residencia Rawalpindi is offering post-modern and exceptional facilities that you cannot find in any other housing society. The facilities are as follows:

Peaceful Environment

People are always seeking a calm environment to construct their dream homes. Countryside Residencia offers a comfortable, serene, and close-to-nature living environment. The presence of trees, plants, and other greenery also have a positive impact on the residents.


Modern security surveillance systems will be installed at Countryside Residencia to ensure the safety of the residents. To further assure high-level security, walk-through gates, and CCTV cameras will also be there.

Educational Complex

The developers make every effort to ensure that top-notch education is available in the society. To do this, they will build several schools, colleges, and universities inside Countryside Residencia. Furthermore, educational staff members will be well-qualified in their fields.

Basic Utilities

The society makes sure that essential services like gas, electricity, and water are always available. The residents are also not affected by power outages. In addition, the Countryside Residencia has backup generators and energy that can offer power in the case of a power outage.

Water Resources

The water needs of the locals have been taken into account in the project. The society will provide its own water resources as well as water filtration plants.

Commercial and Business Sector

To fulfill every commercial and economic requirement developers will provide commercial sectors in the society. The community will provide a wide range of business opportunities so that residents may meet all of their professional demands while residing there.


To satisfy the dining demands of the residents, the administration has included a range of restaurants in the society. While providing excellent meals from both local and foreign cuisines, these restaurants put their clients’ health and safety first. The housing complex is also close to a number of renowned cafes.

Sewage and Drainage System

Countryside Residencia is providing a smart sewage and drainage infrastructure. Each house will have major drainage and openings for simple water flow, as well as a perfect sewer system for eliminating waste through an underground duct system.


A graveyard is a necessary component of every community. Residents of Countryside Residencia have access to a graveyard where they can bury their departed loved ones and offer prayers for their eternal happiness. Additionally, people could pay prayers at the graves of departed family members.

Resource Management

The master plan for the society is designed so that the infrastructure of the community would be established in a way that would preserve and enhance the town’s natural beauty. The efficient solid waste management system incorporated into Countryside Residencia, together with a sufficient supply of water and power, is one of the most crucial features of this creative housing scheme.

Fitness Centre

The society will have a fitness centre for visitors that place a high value on their health and fitness. The gym contains a variety of equipment, yoga areas, and a pool.


Providing the epitome of farm life, Countryside Residencia embodies real luxury. Furthermore, the society has a highly appealing concept and design, as well as development, location, and accessibility.  Also, Countryside Residencia is providing a fantastic investment opportunity at a reasonable price. Thus, it is considered to be among the top residential societies in Rawalpindi right now.