Are Recliners Bad for your Back

There’s nothing like relaxing on a recliner after a long day. But, every now and then, you may have asked, “are recliners hurting my back?” 

Of course, from a general perspective, sitting on a recliner is a great way to relieve back pressure. Usually, a position of 135-degree is considered the ideal position to reduce back pain – something that a recliner can offer. 

However, you can only get the right type of back support if you have the correct recliner tailored to your needs. 

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s the recliner hurting your back, here are some thoughts you can benefit from. Let’s begin! 

Why is It Bad? 

Before looking into how advantageous recliners can be for your back, let’s have a look at why they may not be the best as well. Recliners are simply not as helpful when you tend to sit excessively on them. 

So, the problem isn’t really the chair but the amount of time you put into it. In fact, doctors agree to the fact that spending hours on your recliner while watching tv, reading, browsing, etc., is not beneficial for your overall health. 

And it’s not the chair’s fault but rather the sedentary lifestyle you might follow. The only flaw a recliner would generally have is encouraging comfortable seating. But, some people end up taking advantage of this encouragement. What’s actually needed here is to increase activity levels instead of removing the recliner from your life. 

Since our bodies are not equipped to handle excessive sitting, lifestyle choices can affect our bodies to a great extent. So yes, no matter the type of recliner, if you can’t remember to get up every now and then, your back will end up hurting. 

Why is It Good? 

Now, moving on to the good bit, recliners are very helpful for those recovering from surgeries. For instance, those with shoulder surgeries may feel relieved while using the best recliner for back pain for support as it can keep the shoulder elevated. 

Recliners also serve as a good option for people who spend a lot of time standing or put excess pressure on their backs. However, the recliner should fit the person perfectly. 

If the reclining isn’t supporting your lower back region properly, it will end up harming you rather than relieving you. To help with the posture, you can also try using additional support, such as a mini cushion or rolled towel. 

So, if you’re purchasing a recliner to ease your back pain, we suggest you pay attention to how well it fits your body. Otherwise, you might as well register yourself for back pain, especially if you tend to use it a lot. 

How to Pick The Right Recliner to Avoid Pain? 

Comfort isn’t the only thing that’s great about a recliner. These chairs are also made to measure according to your body’s specifications. This means you’ll be able to get a chair with the right height, depth, and width tailored according to your personal measurement. 

This, of course, can help reduce potential strain on certain regions of your body, such as the back. Remember that avoiding back pain on a recliner goes hand in hand with picking a great recliner – one that fits your body type and needs. 

But this isn’t an issue as there are various styles you can choose from. So, if you’re having major back issues, you can go for those specifically designed to provide extra lumbar support. 

You should also consider recliners with adjustable internal cushions, which can help you remain centered while sitting. This will be pretty helpful if leaning from one side to another is an issue for your back. 

Since changing sitting postures every now and then is beneficial in avoiding back pain, you may also consider a rise & recline chair. This can help maintain good posture and keep you relaxed while also switching between different sitting positions. 

Rise & recline chairs generally do offer better lumbar support compared to others. Hence, when researching for the right recliner, make sure to consider all factors, such as the size requirement, and focus on your specific needs. 

Always make sure you’re choosing the right brand and company when selecting your recliner as well. A great furniture dealer will not only provide high-quality recliners but also ensure you get a proper solution to all your issues. 

Will a Recliner Prevent Back Pain? 

As mentioned earlier, recliners are not the issue regarding back pain. In fact, recliners serve as a great support system to relieve back pain. Hence, it may not be prevented, but it can keep your lumbar health in check if used appropriately. 

While sitting on a 90-degree couch or standard chairs can induce chronic back pain, this is not the case with recliners. Instead, a recliner can assist in alleviating spine pressure due to its reclined position. 

Moreover, if you’re a frequent customer of back pain, a recliner is definitely worth looking into – especially the ones designed to alleviate back pain issues. 

Numerous high-quality recliners are available these days with customizable features such as adjustable head tilt. Such features can allow the user to move without placing much pressure on the back. 

Although recliners are great for reducing back pain, it’s best recommended to pick a recliner that provides extra lumbar support features for your back. But, if you already have a standard recliner, you can always add additional support, such as pillows or cushions. 

Final Thoughts 

Using a recliner works well for the back so long as the user doesn’t overuse the product. Recliners are great for reducing back pain issues if and when used for moderate relaxing and not heavy use. 

In fact, sitting on a recliner that fits and supports your body appropriately can help induce several health benefits. Just keep in mind that certain recliners are specifically tailored to offer increased lumbar support. 

So, if you want only the best, make sure to invest in a high-quality recliner that can offer excellent lumbar support. But be cautious of investing in the wrong recliner as it can further harm your back.