Best Smart Home Apps

We all wish to have everything under our control. People living in the digital age demands more and more convenience. That is where smart home automation is increasingly adopted by most homeowners. The reason is that it offers several benefits that otherwise could not be achieved. Before we proceed, let’s take a look at what is smart home automation.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Home automation allows you to control and access all the devices from your mobile device. Sometimes also referred to as isolated programmable devices such as thermostats or sprinklers. However, in a broader term, home automation refers to everything that can be controlled through a mobile device including heating and cooling systems, doorbells, electrical outlets, lighting, speakers, and appliances.

Home automation is sometimes called as Internet of Things, in which every device is allocated a separate IP address that can be accessed, controlled, and monitored remotely. However, you need to have a reliable and stable internet connection to run all smart devices smoothly.

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To run smart home devices, you need to install an app on your smartphone. Here’s a list of some of the best smart home apps in 2022 to control all your devices. Let’s get started.

Amazon Alexa

When it comes to the majority of smart home devices, almost every device is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Especially, if the product is from Amazon itself. The Amazon Alexa app is more than you could imagine. It makes your life simpler by creating a shopping list, reading news, playing music, turning off lights, and powering on your smart TV.

By just simply calling Alexa’s name, you can command anything from having weather updates to the next game of football. If you forget things often, install the Amazon Alexa app on your device and never miss anything from your daily schedule or to-do list.

Samsung Smart Homes App

Samsung is one of the pioneers in producing state-of-the-art smartphones, smart TVs, and many more devices. You can’t keep Samsung away from entering your home. If you are running several Samsung devices at your home including television, vacuum, air conditioner, or refrigerator at home, all you need is Samsung Smart Homes App installed on your device. Without installing the individual app for each device, you can manage several devices from one single app.

Google Assistant

How could you imagine your life without using Google? No one can think of such a bad day without Google. As most people prefer Google for all their work and other stuff, Google Assistant is one such app to help you make your life easier.

The Google Home app is compatible not only with Android devices but iOS devices as well. You can control anything from basic utilities like smart lighting, cameras, door lock, and speakers. Moreover, Google Assistant also provides you with weather updates, sets thermostat temperature, and plays your favorite music. You can also ask Google Assistant to play nature sounds when you are feeling distracted or need something soothing to hear apart from songs and music.

Nest App

If you are worried about your home or office security, you don’t need to hire a security guard. Instead, you need to utilize technology for all your security needs. To your surprise, Nest App is another app from Google that helps protect your home from the inside out. No matter, where you are, Nest App keeps you informed about your home and office all the time. The device can be connected to any device such as doorbells, smoke detectors, smart cameras, and alarms.

Apple Home Kit App

People using Apple devices are much more concerned about finding the right tools and apps for their devices. HomeKit app by Apple helps you to control smart home devices by Apple that are connected to the internet. The app allows you to securely control smart home devices, which mentions “Works with Apple HomeKit”. The app can help you control several accessories simultaneously.

MyQ Garage & Access Control App

Getting out of your car in scorching heat or harsh winter can be challenging. But not anymore when you have MyQ Garage and Access Control app installed on your device. You can access and control lighting and garage doors from any part of the world. Moreover, the app also notifies you about real-time updates, sets schedules, and shares them with your loved ones. Whether you are going on a vacation or shopping at a grocery store, no need to worry if you left the garage open.

Summing Up

Smart home devices and home automation are becoming popular with each passing day. If you are thinking of investing your money in revamping your home, make sure to consider home automation in the first instance. In case, you are low on budget, you can purchase items gradually. The aforementioned apps will help you stay in your comfort zone and control your devices with a few taps.