How To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

Picture this out: you have a space or area in your home that helps you heal your mind and body after a long day. It’s that space where you can let your guard down, have your quiet time, and not be worried about the noise coming from the outside. You have the peace and calm you need after facing the stressful demands of your daily routine.

That scenario is perfect, and it’s one you’d certainly wish to have in your home. After all, your home is your safe haven. It may not be the grandest in the neighborhood, but it’s certainly one that feels like home. This is unlike situations where you’re welcomed into a chaotic and messy household as soon as you walk in.

You may be itching to have this space in your home as a homeowner. You won’t have to leave and face the outside world again to de-stress. As you’ll see below, there are many ways a Zen space can be evoked in a household.

Install A Swim Spa

How To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

A swimming pool is always nice in every home, but it can also be expensive. Or, perhaps your garden size doesn’t allow you to have a swimming pool installed. If that’s the case, don’t fret as there’s another alternative that may be as desirable as a swimming pool: a swim spa. It’s smaller than a swimming pool but not less in value than it can add to your home.

When your purpose is to have a Zen space in your home, this swim spa can serve its purpose there. You can relax, have some quiet time, and even perform a few exercises in your swim spa. When the swim spa is switched on, the sound of the water and waves are also extremely relaxing. It’s as if you’re by the beach, resting, even if you’re just right in your backyard.

A swim spa is also a perfect place where you can entertain guests and gather for fun. Particularly when children are around, you can use the swim spa for parties and other get-togethers. With that, you can maximize the use of your swim spa, making it a good investment piece for your home. There are many swim spas for sale, so choose well to bring home one that’ll truly add value to your household.

Keep Things Simple

How To Create A Zen Space In Your Home

You can’t say you have a Zen space when it’s in maximalist fashion or one where there are too many things going on. One of the principles applied in a Zen design is datsuzoku, which means freedom from all worldly attachments. While this doesn’t mean going as extreme as living the life of a monk, it can be applied in your Zen room by letting go of many things you’ve held on to for too long that’s only causing clutter.

For example, were you clinging to those three artwork boxes when your kids were young? If you want to keep them, you can take photos, so you still have them saved in a digital file.

Clear out all the clutter in the space you’re dedicating as a Zen area in your home, or better yet, in the entire household. By doing so, you don’t clog up the ki in your home, also known as the vital energy, which can help you focus and relax better.

Spread Some Calming Scents

Be it essential oils, candles, or diffusers, there are many ways for you to spread some calming scents in the Zen space. Just imagine walking into a spa where you have the smell of aromatherapy helping you relax and calm your nerves. You can apply the same right in your home.

There are many scents you can choose from, so it’s really up to you to decide what helps you feel calm and serene. Many love lavender, for starters. Your space won’t just smell better, but it may also help you wind down for the day, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Keep The Furniture Choice Simple

As is the concept of a Zen way of life, whatever furniture you place in your Zen area at home should be simple and intentional. Sofas, for instance, should be soft enough for you to lay down on. But as to color, skip the bright colors and ornate designs.

The simpler, the better. This helps create a fuss-free room where you only have what’s necessary.

Paint It With Cool Tones

It’s not just with your furniture choice that you should skip the bright colors. This choice should also be applied to your walls. You can’t relax well in a bright yellow or orange room, for example. Rather, better options would be cool, neutral, or earth-tone colors. Achieving a state of peace when inside a room has a lot to do with colors, so be sure to choose wisely.


If your home is a far cry away from one that evokes relaxation, peace, and calm feelings, it’s about time to give it a transformation. Your home should feel like your sanctuary, which you look forward to retreating to after a long and hard day at work. This is what it means to create a Zen space in your home. There are many ways to do such, and you can’t go wrong by starting with the insights above. Now, you can be one step closer to walking into a better household atmosphere to offset the stress of your daily routine.