Decorating and designing your house can be a long process but once done it is worth it. One of the most important parts of design and decor is the front yard. The front yard represents the entire house and once it is made to look exciting so does the overall of the house. Today we will list 8 front yard designs and decor ideas for you.

1) Pavement

Pavement is one of the first things you will use to make your front yard beautiful. There are many types of pavement like

  • concrete
  • flagstone
  • tiles
  • bricks
  • woods
  • Pavers.

You can add spaces between the pavements or make a staircase with them to make it much more exciting. There are many paving companies in Essex, so choose wisely.

2) Lighting

This is one of the best options you have at night time to stand out from other houses. Lighting can be set up anywhere from your house side to your landscaping plants. Most of this lighting is solar powered so you can simply put it around the plants to make it look beautiful.

3) Oversized planters

An oversized planter is a statement of your house design. This type of design can be the centrepiece of your entire front yard. Make sure you choose the right plant or tree to be set up because the wrong one can cause many insects to roam by. You also need to choose the right colour according to your house. Once done this will be a perfect addition to your front yard.

4) Plant ground cover

No matter how hard we try the dirt always comes out to the pavement from our plant bedding. Some of this sand does not look nice from the outside. To solve both these problems you can use plant ground cover which will cover every inch of the dirt so that it looks beautiful. This is one of the best ideas in Brentwood landscaping.

5) Rock features

Rock features are very important as well as making our front yard beautiful. There are many types of rock features you can use like Peebles, big rocks and small gravel rocks or a combination of both. Rocks are very good for:

  • Covering soil erosion
  • Use for a path for a healthy and better blood circulation
  • Large rocks at the water feature
  • Prevent area from getting muddy
  • Stones last longer than mulch

6) Go up

This is an ideal design idea for those who have a limited front yard. Instead of s[reading your plants across the field, you can plant those which go up. This will create a cooler place and environmental friendly front yard. Some of the plants you can use are roses, clematis, honeysuckle and wisteria.

7) Flower bed around tree

If you already have trees growing in your front yard, why don’t you put a bed of flowers around them and make it more colourful and beautiful? The chosen colour should match your house’s colour and the type of tree you already have. Doing this type of decoration is not cheap but not expensive either, so it is worth it.

8) The grass

This is the most common and first thing you should do. Make sure your grass is short and on a level with all others. This will make sure your surroundings look nice. If you have any issue with the grass just pull it out and put new seeds so that it will grow even.


There are many types of decoration and design ideas that you can choose from here. These are not expensive so it is really worth it to try and get the best surrounding for your front yard.