Let us guess: you are in the situation where you want to make your small bathroom look bigger because it feels claustrophobic, or you don’t feel comfortable while doing bathroom work or getting ready in the morning? Well, that could be very challenging especially if you live in high-populated cities where every square meter is very important.

We assure you that this article will be a fun and helpful trip in changing your mind on how to convert a boring bathroom into an attractive one. Let us present a few tips that we believe will help, if not, there is always some companies like bathroom fitters in Ashford Kent that will help you:

Lift the Curtain

After choosing an attractive curtain that will help visually expand bathroom space, make sure to lift it from the floor about 5 inches to avoid getting a bad look.

Choose Light Colours

Many studies have shown that living in a light-coloured room has many benefits for people’s mental health. Why not apply it to the bathroom as well? We recommend getting not too creamy colours because they might look dirty even if they are not. Choosing

  • softwood,
  • mint,
  • gray,
  • bright white,
  • light blue,
  • light green, and
  • pistachio colours

Will accent every corner of the sophisticated bathroom design. Pairing light colours with darker ones like anthracite, and dark grey is a good way to make other furniture or wall with a hanging mirror stand out.

Change Bathroom Layout

Placing bathroom furniture differently will make much more sense once you explore all possibilities your bathroom can offer. Usually, people want tall cabinets with built-in mirrors which give more space to store all you need. Placing the bath wall-to-wall will give a sleeker look to your bathroom.

Remove Bathroom Door

Once you remove the bathroom door you will be amazed by how much space you get to use with a simple trick. This will get you many options to decorate the space around you. But, this may be the right choice for you if there is adequate drainage installed. If you do not have an adequate drainage installed or have problems with the existing one, we are sure that finding a drainage company in London will help you.

Choose Attractive Materials

Shiny and attractive big mirrors will stand out and the whole wall will look much more interesting and bigger. Getting rid of unnecessary things is the key to a good-looking bathroom. We recommend getting silver, shiny gold colours for mirror frames and silver colours for bathroom equipment.

Extra tip: install a light behind the mirror

Place Lights Correctly

Choosing the right position for light could be a winning tip for you because a well-positioned light will ‘make’ more depth creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Avoid getting yellow lights, rather search for bright ones.

Extra tip: try to place two good-looking lights next to the mirror.

We hope that these tips will help you redecorate your bathroom in the best way possible. If you can’t wait to brush your teeth in the morning or before sleeping, that’s a good sign that you did a great job making this space more attractive and enjoyable. And that’s a good way to make your life better in every single way.