35 Admirable Sunroom Design Ideas You Must Have35 Admirable Sunroom Design Ideas You Must Have

So choosing a sunroom design which will add extra space to your home while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor surroundings at any time of the day or night, all year long, will not only enhance your home’s elegance and market value.

It will also provide you and your family with a place in which to become relaxed and refreshed, and to spend many happy hours together!

Before you can sit down with a contractor to begin preparing your sunroom design, you’ll have to decide on some specifics. Look over the different materials available from sunroom manufacturers, and include in your sunroom design such information as the total l square footage of the sunroom; the height and thickness of its walls; the width and thickness of its insulated windows; and its live and wind loads. Also specify the kind of wood and aluminum alloy you want used in your sunroom design.

When you have the technical specifications squared away, let your sunroom design plan reflect the uses to which your sunroom will be put. Will it be a formal room where you will gather for special occasions, or will it be a casual room in which anyone can feel free to kick back and enjoy a tall cool one? If you have a big family with young children, or pets running in and out all day, you’d be better off with a sunroom design which can double as extra play space.

Will the walls be constructed entirely of glass, or will they have knee panels in which you can install electrical outlets. Will your sunroom design have to be adapted so that your sunroom can be built on top of an existing deck or porch, or will you pour a separate foundation strictly for the sunroom? You can choose a conservatory sunroom design in which not only the walls but the ceiling will be made of glass, but such a sunroom requires extra insulation and special glazing if it is to be used all year long.