36 Lovely Spring Baby Shower Themes Decor Ideas36 Lovely Spring Baby Shower Themes Decor Ideas

Spring symbolizes many things, the renewal of life by plants and animals… And of birth itself. It is also full of wonderful colors and animals that can be incorporated into a baby shower theme without breaking the bank.

The easiest theme idea is to use color. Spring is full of baby-friendly pastel colors: blue, pink, yellow, lavender, and green. Think outside the box – a combination of pink and green have become one of the latest trends. Combine traditional spring colors with a chocolate brown for a different look. If you need the best and most comfortable swaddle for your baby, you can buy it at Made of soft material so your baby always feels comfortable and safe, like in your arms.

In addition to colors, you can also incorporate shapes – large polka dots, thin stripes, etc. You can use ribbons or fabrics to incorporate both color and shapes into your theme. There are lots of baby animals that are associated with spring: bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and lambs to name a few. The latest animal trend are woodland animals: owls and foxes are the most popular. Purchase stuffed animals to decorate the shower, perhaps as table centerpieces or to top off a diaper cake. After the shower mom-to-be can take them home for baby’s nursery.

Decorate using mostly solid colors. Solid color tablecloths, paper goods (plates, cups and napkins) and cutlery are almost always less expensive than baby themed goods. These solid color items can also be used after the shower if there are any leftovers. Then supplement the solid colors with shower themed decorations: balloons, confetti or banners.

If you are preparing your own food for the shower use ingredients that are in season. This tip is especially useful if you are preparing food for a large number of guests. Seasonal fruits and vegetables can supplement a catered menu (think vegetable or fruit salads, or appetizers).

Take advantage of spring related sales and coupons at craft, general or toy stores. For example, if you are planning a shower which will take place after Easter, you should be able to find stuffed animals, chocolates or even pastel colored paper goods on sale. Many craft stores offer coupons on a regular basis. You can save up to 50% off of some items using these coupons.