Beautiful Spring Floral Arrangements For Home Decoration 10Beautiful Spring Floral Arrangements For Home Decoration 10

There is one basic rule in creating your own floral arrangement and that is to forget all the rules and stick to your instincts! Go with what is pleasing and appealing to you.

If the rule says never mix orange and pink but you find such contrasting colors fine, then go right on ahead. Flower arranging is an art and practicing any form of art allows a little room for weirdness.

However, knowing the fundamental rules in proportion and balance is helpful. In proportion, arrangement with low flowers should be held in a wider based container. Tall arrangements call for its flowers to be at least 2 to 3 times taller than its vase. Balance is easier to achieve as it’s either asymmetrical or symmetrical. If your arrangement is ready to tip over then its off-balance!

You can opt to buy fresh flowers from a florist or pick flowers from your garden. You can buy real expensive vases or just make use of an old teapot. The rule is, it does not really matter. Use any kind of flower and container. It is wise to start simple when creating your own floral arrangement. Do not go overboard the first time. If you choose to use fresh cut flowers from your garden remember to cut them early in the morning. You may go for flower preservative to keep your arrangement longer.

There are a few key types of flower arrangement that are worth knowing when creating your own floral arrangement. There is the horizontal arrangement where a shallow vase is filled with low drooping flowers arranged around a focal point. In vertical arrangements, flowers are arranged based on their height with the focal flower usually placed in the center. Another arrangement is the crescent shape which as it name implies is in the curved shape of the moon. Triangular arrangements use the tallest flower as its focal point with shorter flowers framing the central point to outline the shape of a triangle. Formal settings use the oval floral arrangement where the flowers graduate in reduced degrees from the center. There is also the S-shape and the minimal arrangements that you can follow.