Beautiful Spring Outdoor Decor Ideas 23Beautiful Spring Outdoor Decor Ideas 23

During the spring most couples enjoy spending time together relaxing in the backyard. It’s quiet, pleasant and can even be romantic.

Outdoor decorating can turn a dull boring back yard into an oasis for two. The following outdoor decorating ideas can help you create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and romantic.

Use bright colorful pillows and cushions for your lounge furniture and benches to create that springtime look. The more colorful the better. Having a flower garden or scattering different plants and flowers throughout the yard will enhance the color and create that exotic look.

Add items to your yard that you love. For example, you can put in a couple water fountains, put out birdhouses, hang wind chimes or place statues that appeal to you throughout your back yard.

Add outdoor lighting with rustic lanterns, lawn torches, citronella candles and so forth. Use a canopy to shelter your picnic area and enhance the overall look of your yard. Hammocks are very comfortable and colorful tables add a nice touch and convenience to your backyard oasis. If you have the room a gazebo is an excellent addition to any yard that is cozy and romantic.