Stunning Apartment Spring Decor Ideas 18Stunning Apartment Spring Decor Ideas 18

Spring is here in full swing and other than the allergies, everything should be rocking around your apartment.

People are out walking their dogs, picnics and barbecues are starting to happen more frequently, and you will slowly see folks sunbathing at the community pool.

As we dive into spring with all of our might and head towards summer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you might have done a number of things around your apartment to get yourself braced for the cold of winter. The time has come to change things back to the way they were before that.

Stop Using the Flannel Sheets- You can put away your flannel sheets, thick down comforter, and the extra blankets that you have had on top of the couch. Hopefully your apartment has a little extra storage either in your master, entry, or patio closet to store these things.

Heater- Pop open the windows and let the fresh spring air in. Turn off the central heat and put away and store the space heaters. Make sure that you wipe all dust off of the space heaters before you store them in a clean DRY place off of the ground.

Flowers- Spring not only brings showers, but it also brings flowers. Guys, whether it’s your girlfriend, wife, fiance, sister, mother, best friend, etc, be sure to take the ladies of your lives flowers to decorate their apartments. Ladies, I wouldn’t sit around waiting for guys to bring them, go out and pick some up and add a ton of color to your place with spring flowers. And guys, you could decorate with flowers too…It would impress the ladies and you’d look more sophisticated.

Other Plants- If you had moved your plants inside during the winter, you can start taking them back out on the porch for some spring sun. They’ll enjoy it, but make sure to water them too. I neglected a small potted plant that I had on my desk at work once….I’ll never do it again.