Gorgeous Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For Wintertime 24Gorgeous Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For Wintertime 24

The master bedroom is the most personal space in your home. It is also one of the first rooms you will think about when planning to redecorate.

You will want to maximize the space so that the room looks as large as possible whilst still creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

In the daytime your master bedroom should be fresh, light and airy. Clashing colors, big patterns or bold wallpaper designs on the walls are out. These make the room look smaller and cramped. Walls and flooring are better in warm, neutral shades.

If buying completely new bedroom furniture is not within your budget, there are many ways to create affordable home decor without changing the furniture. Simply rearranging existing pieces can give your room a whole new look. Minimize the number of pieces to avoid the space looking cluttered. Your bed should be positioned so that you can move freely around the room and so that it does not block the doorway or window.

Storage is important in a bedroom but if you do not have a lot of free space in the room you will have to clear out some clutter to make room for the things you actually need to have to hand. Sort through your drawers and closet and get rid of anything that you haven’t worn or used for at least a year. Your clothes belong in your bedroom, your sports equipment and the kids toys do not. If you are really short of storage space try to find room for some storage baskets either on a shelf or on top of the closet.

A simple wooden dining chair can be softened for use in the bedroom by adding a loose fitting cover. The beauty of this is that you can change the cover depending on the season and the look you are trying to achieve. Do keep in mind that very delicate fabrics are not suitable for everyday use. These loose covers are so simple to sew you can use oddments of beautiful fabrics to create your own.