Beautiful Winter Apartment Decor Ideas 15Beautiful Winter Apartment Decor Ideas 15

Okay so you just signed the lease for your very first apartment. The entire apartment is big enough that it could just fit inside the den of your parents home but it is all yours.

So now you have limited space and need to decorate to make the most of what you have. Having a bedroom/living room all together can be interesting.

You have to have a place to sleep but need a place for your friends to sit when they come over. So it’s a simple solution for the problem. You can buy sleeper sofas that come in all sizes. A love seat can be made into a regular size bed sleeper sofa or a there are oversized chairs now that you can purchase that can actually be ordered as a twin size sleeper. So you could actually get a couple of oversized chairs and a end table for the middle and have some room left over for a coffee table maybe.

Now you are also going to need a computer desk and those are also available in space savers type desk. There are desk that come with a file cabinet drawer, a hide way keyboard tray, printer shelf and CPU shelf that can all be closed up inside when not in use. There are some that even have shelves built into the hutch so that you can store books and cds.

To help diminish the noise level you can also place an area rug in the room under the table or at the edge of the chairs. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days and it will help keep the floors warmer in the winter, especially if you are looking at hardwood floors or maybe the carpet is just worn and you want to cover up the spot. Area rugs are very good at hiding worn spots or high traffic areas.