Stunning RV Christmas Decorations Ideas 12Stunning RV Christmas Decorations Ideas 12

There are basic items that we should always bring with us when we leave the house, “essentials”. The reason they are called essentials, is because they are just that: essential.

Simply leaving the house, we usually have a cell phone, keys, and some form of money. As running out to do an errand across town requires specific and necessary items, camping does as well, only each requires different things for different purposes.

There are many items you should be acquainted with for the interior and exterior of your camper so that you can plan accordingly. Insulation is any material used to reduce or resist the flow of energy. Some types of insulators include: Thermal insulators (reduce the flow of heat), electrical insulators (reduce the flow of energy) and acoustical insulators (reduce the flow of sound)

The Knob is a movable control that is used to change the settings of the controlled instrument (i.e. The automobile used for outdoor camping.)

Steering wheels are the type of steering control that is used in most modern vehicles. It is part of the steering system controlled via the driver. The rest of the steering system responds to the actions the steering wheel produces.

Storage Units are used for keeping materials brought for outdoor camping. Some basic examples of storage units are cup holder, storage bins, and coolers.

Awning-A secondary covering attached to the exterior wall. Typically, it is made of canvas or acrylic cloth, which is stretched over a light structure of one of the following: aluminum, iron, steel, or wood. The design ends up something of a truss, space frame, and planar frame.

Tent-A shelter built from material draped over a frame of poles or ropes. Tents can either be attached to the ground with pegs or stakes, or it can be freestanding.