Fabulous Family Friendly Living Room Decoration Ideas 26Fabulous Family Friendly Living Room Decoration Ideas 26

The living room is such an important room in the house. This is where you receive your guests. These are some of my ideas for decorating the living room.

In fact, the trend these days is to have a large room where all the different common activities like dining, working, playing, studying, TV watching can be done altogether. The idea is to get the premium use of space available.

Ideally, these different functions can be separated by dividing the areas with cabinets, shelves or partition. Another trick is to change the floor covering too. The living room is a busy area so it is crucial to allow wide pathways for easy entry into and out of the living room. You want to be practical too. Get a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. I recommend getting leather sofa sets as they are easy to maintain.

You want the furniture to be flexible and multi-functional too. Look for tables with storage space. Instead of leaving your keys, wallets and mobile phone on the table you can keep them in the drawers. It prevents cluttering. Look for sofas and couches which have drawers to keep your stuff. Choose storage chests that can be used as tables, storage or seating. Save space by using storage units that come with sliding doors.

Storage units with doors or drawers require space when you open the cabinet doors or drawers. Create the illusion of space by getting small furniture which makes the living room much bigger. Put decorative items such as books on open storage shelves, glass cabinets, and tables. Make sure they are arranged in a neat and clean manner as they are visible. Nondecorative and unsightly items should be stored in closed storage units like a cupboard and chest with drawers. Find the light and versatile furniture which is easy to move around.