Inspiring Jungle Bathroom Decor Ideas 01Inspiring Jungle Bathroom Decor Ideas 01

Any person who watches television, goes to the cinema and reads glossy magazines is able to recognize modern styles and trends, and is able to make the right decisions in regards to decoration.

One recurring theme remains consistent at all times and heights of fashions: it is a bathroom decorated with live plants. However, there are many factors that prevent this idea from becoming reality.

As a rule, in a real bathroom there is little natural light, and sometimes is lacking free space which is necessary for the plants. Also, another unfortunate factor is that the substances used to maintain cleanliness in a bathroom can be easily deadly for the plants.

The tenants of a standard apartment have come to the conclusion that a bathroom must not contain anything unnecessary. This however is untrue, as frequently the bathroom becomes the only place where you can get water. Most people do not think that a bathroom has more purposes than maintaining hygiene — it can also be a place to escape your worries and relax. Tropical plants can help you achieve such an effect.

As we can see from various examples, the types of plants that belong to a bathroom are all types of ferns — this is because their natural habitat is in a tropical forest and the absence of light is not as damaging to them as other plants.

If you manage to maintain a natural habitat-like condition in your bathroom, you will find that plants such as the Monstera (Monstera acuminata), Papyrus, Asparagus and in some cases even Orchids can bloom in a bathroom.