How To Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal With The Right Fencing

There are several things you can do to give your home more curb appeal. In fact, your fence is one of the things that can instantly improve it or become a defining feature.

Even if you’re just trying to create a new look, the right fence can do it while saving you time and money on expensive renovations. Curb appeal also influences property valuation, and your fence influences curb appeal. So, if your current fence is starting to look worn down, it may be worth replacing.

And that brings up the big question: how to go about it? There are so many fences on the market—which may be great—but it can make it challenging to single out the right fencing for your property. Keep on reading to learn more.

Start By Setting A Budget

There are so many fencing options available and setting a budget is a great way to start shortening the list. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get great-looking fencing. You probably don’t want to waste time by looking at options that cost more than you’re willing to spend too.

When setting a budget, it’s important to understand how fencing cost ranges. Doing some pre-research will help you get a feel for how much fences cost in your area. Which will help you set a reasonable budget that’ll get what you want at a price you’re willing to pay.

Think About Style

How To Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal With The Right Fencing

One of the first things you must consider when choosing a fence is how you’ll match it with the rest of what’s on your property. Fencing can be a great compliment to your home. Plus, it can also look out of place, awkward, and spark the question: ‘What was that homeowner trying to do here?’.

Look at the style of your home from right outside and across the street. Then, look at the style of other homes and fences on your street—you might want something that doesn’t look offset compared to them. You could also look at pictures of similarly styled homes and other front yard fence ideas.

Pick A Color

Choosing a color for your fencing is potentially the easiest part of getting the right fence. If your fencing will be made of natural materials, like stone or wood, you could leave the color as it is.

On the other hand, modern fences tend to be painted or coated in color. The safest option is to sample a color from your house. Most homeowners tend to go for darker, neutral colors, like black, grey, and brown. If it’s appropriate, they might use white. These are all colors that boost curb appeal.

For example, putting a wooden fence around a house with a prominent wooden porch. Or using an exposed brick fence when the house has exposed brick.

Find The Right Material

How To Enhance Your Homes Curb Appeal With The Right Fencing

Fencing is made from so many different materials that it’d be difficult to cover them all here. Each material comes with pros and cons. Some are easier to install. And some cost more than others. Some of the most common materials to look for are:

  • Wood fencing;
  • Aluminum fencing;
  • Steel fencing;
  • Vinyl fencing;
  • Concrete fencing;
  • Brick fencing;
  • Chain fencing; and
  • Steel fencing.

Generally, composite fencing is recommended as a cost-effective, durable, easy-to-install, and visually appealing choice. Yet the ultimate decision will come from your preference, budget, and what you deem most practical for what you want.

You may love the look and warmth of a wooden fence. You might want the hardiness of a brick or concrete fence. Steel or aluminum bar fencing might be the most practical if you want to protect your house from intrusion while still being able to see outside. Keep in mind that whatever you choose needs to be practical for your needs yet look good too if you want enhanced curb appeal.

Decide The Height

First, you need to check your state or municipality regulations to ensure you conform to any legal limits on fence height. Fortunately, if you have fences installed by a local installer, they’ll probably be able to advise you accordingly.

And height influences how much the fence will be part of your curb appeal. A high, closed-off fence will ultimately become the majority of the curb appeal. Low fencing or fencing that doesn’t obscure vision would be more of an accent to the curb appeal—leaving room for your garden and other decorations in the front yard to boost the appeal.


The right fencing can make a significant impact on curb appeal, which can boost your home’s look and value. People judge a house—and the person owning it—from how good the exterior looks as well.

Set a budget and stick to it. Look at styles that suit your home’s architecture. Consider which materials are available and choose one based on cost, practicality, and your desire. Find a fence you like and a color you like it in. Finally, have it installed, and you’re good to go.