Kid Friendly Ideas To Remodel Your Home
Kid Friendly Ideas To Remodel Your Home

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If you have or are planning to have kids, this may be the right time for you to begin remodeling your house. Thinking of home improvements and decoration ideas when you have kids can be challenging. You will not only have to anticipate the needs of your kids but also consider your idea of a dream house. Having kids does not mean you disregard your tastes and theme preferences when remodeling your home. Your house can be kid-friendly and remain stylish at the same time.

Any sort of change is daunting- renovating your house means losing your familiarity with it. However, remember that incorporating kid-friendly ideas into your remodeling will only create a better and more comfortable environment for your family. To help you with your renovations, we have listed some tips for making your house kid-friendly.

  1. Think Storage

Consider where you will be storing your items first. House renovations can be messy, and dust can spread throughout the entire house, even if you only refurbish one room. You don’t want your precious stuff to get ruined amidst all the sawing and the drilling. To keep your and your children’s belongings safe and protected, you may need to pack away everything before the renovations begin and store them in a secure place.

Clothes, expensive toys, stuffed animals, and photo albums- putting them away during your renovation process may be a safe bet to protect them from damage. However, it can be problematic to store your stuff when you don’t have a storage unit built into your house. For those living in Nebraska, consider Lincoln storage units that offer 24-hour access and top security. You can store all your stuff without worrying about anything. It can be a perfect solution for your storage problem.

  1. Carpets & Flooring

As a parent, you may already know the horrors of having carpets with kids around. Kids make messes- cleaning up spills is a constant job for every parent daily. But cleaning carpet stains is an absolute nightmare, and it is best to direct those efforts elsewhere. However, in terms of preventing injuries, carpet flooring is the safest option for kids prone to running around the house. So how do you make a decision? If you have decided on carpet flooring, it is best to look for carpet options that are easy to clean. For instance, carpets made from less absorbent synthetic materials, such as polyester or nylon, are one of the easiest to get rid of stains.

If all-carpet floors do not go with the aesthetics of your house, then kid-friendly flooring is the next thing to consider. Stone or concrete floors are a hard pass, for your kids can easily get hurt if they fall. Laminate and Vinyl flooring are some of the most popular options because of their durability and moisture-resistant nature.

  1. Play Area

Kids love their playtime, but gathering all the toys from the nooks and crannies of the house can be an exhausting task for parents. Renovating a spare room or space into a play zone may keep you and your kids happy. While your kids spend hours holed up inside their play area with their favorite lego sets, you won’t have to worry about stepping on lego pieces in the other areas of the house; it is a win-win situation.

When creating a playroom, be mindful of only choosing kid-friendly materials. Use soft carpets to prevent fall injuries and easily-washable walls to wash stains. Try to make the room as fun and creative as possible so that the dramatic flair attracts the kids. Children love spending time at a place made to look like a kid’s fantasy.

  1. Bathroom Upgrades

When you have children, you must modify your bathroom. You’ll need to consider the room’s fixtures and the items you keep within easy reach.

Bathrooms with slippery flooring can cause frequent falls, so consider textured porcelain floors to prevent falls on a wet floor. Furthermore, install faucets that clearly label or indicate which tap is for hot and cold water. Although, it is better to go for color cues instead of labels if your kids are young and haven’t yet gained reading proficiency.

You may feel the need to place the vanity and the sink where your kids may reach them, but keep in mind that children do not remain the same height forever. If you set the vanity lower, you may need to keep adjusting its position as they keep growing.

As an alternative, incorporate stools in the bathroom instead. Built-in cabinet stools are one of the best and most kid-friendly stool options, as you won’t have to worry about your kids tripping from step stools on a wet surface. Moreover, for the countertops, use counters made from durable materials, such as quartz, and those with rounded corners to prevent injuries.

  1. Create a Photo And Art Wall

Your kids’ pictures and their artwork are two of the things you will never grow short of, and understandably so. There are many milestones in your kids’ lives that you will capture. First crawl, first step, first school day, first win; there are so many “firsts” in their future waiting for you to capture them. What better way to immortalize those monumental moments than by making a picture wall?

Now that you have the photo wall sorted, you will need to make space for an art wall in your remodeled home. Your kids’ artwork will only grow until they get tired of their colors and crayons. Almost every kid believes himself to be an artist- every art they make demands appreciation, and praise for their work makes them happy. A wall art where they can showcase their artwork will inspire kids to continue exploring their creativity and prevent a tantrum.

  1. Wide Open Spaces

Having an open layout for your newly remodeled home will make it easier for you to stay updated on your child’s whereabouts. A closed-concept home makes it difficult to know what your kid is doing while you are busy doing chores in the other room. For all you know, your kid could be drawing down the walls of the living room while you are making food in the kitchen. Open space will reduce the risk of your kids colliding with things and doors and make it easier for you to track their activities.


Remodeling your house when you have kids is important because it makes your home a safe space for them to run around and play. Kids will be kids; you can’t stop them from making a mess with their toys or leaving dirty prints on the floor and countertops. You can make it easier for yourself to manage these messes. Your kids deserve an environment where they have the freedom to play around and enjoy before they grow out of it.

Our last advice: before acting on your home renovation ideas, do not forget to consult with your local professional contractors and get more information on the best ways to make your house kid-friendly.