Best Home Renovation Apps to Download in

Are you planning to renovate and improve your home? How about we bring some smart options to the table? When it comes to home renovation, it is natural to think about fancy equipment like USB-C Wall Outlets, smart lighting, and thermostats. You might need them at a later stage but firstly you need to visualize how your place would look, post renovation. Here we list down some of the best home renovation apps that are FREE of any cost unless you want to avail of those premium in-app features.

You can use these apps to plan, design, visualize, and seamlessly implement your remodeling project. In other words, you can turn your home improvement ideas into reality with these apps, thanks to their user-friendly features and helpful recommendations never hurt. Moreover, they are more cost-effective than hiring a designer.  

Ready to find out about these life-changing apps? We thought so!

Before we put on our interior designer hat and get started with the renovation task, make sure to check off the prerequisites, in fact, there is only one.  In order to install these apps, you must have an active internet connection. It has to be steady and reliable because you will want to check these apps often for updates and inspiration.

Having that said, if you are looking for suggestions in this regard, than Spectrum, to name one, is a reliable internet service provider that is not just affordable but also comes with zero data caps so, worry no more about the GBs you consume.

Moving on, below are some smart home improvement apps for both iOS and Android that you must check out:


Heard about this app? We assume most of you already have. Whether you need help buying furniture and materials or want to visualize how your home would look with the things you already own, this app is for you. It is also possible to hire professionals to help with various stages of your renovation project and get inspiration from other creative minds.

Using Houzz’s “View in My Room” 3D feature, you can virtually decorate a room with products from over 5 million name and boutique brands. You can buy each piece directly through Houzz once you have found pieces you love. The best part about these products is that they are not limited to sofas, lamps, and rugs. If you poke around the app, you will discover vanities, cabinets, backsplash tiles, and more. In short, you will find EVERYTHING here!

Houzz is also a good resource for hiring a home improvement professional. There are thousands of contractors in the company’s network, from landscapers and architects to swimming pool builders and interior designers. All you need to do is fill out a short questionnaire and you will receive recommendations from the Houzz team customized to your zip code.


Should we start with the best part of this app? Hear us out then. With MagicPlan, you can plan two projects at the same time. Isn’t that AMAZING? If you are wondering if this awesome app is compatible with your phone, it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Ever thought of just taking a picture of that messy corner of your home and fixing it like a photo editor? Well, guess what then? You can do that with this app.  Let us explain how it works. The MagicPlan app allows you to take a picture of your space and convert it to a floor plan.  You can use it to measure every dimension of your home in a matter of seconds without having to take out your tape measure. Additionally, this app allows you to move furniture around digitally, add objects, and make notes once you have the floor plan.

 The only problem is that there are limited features in the free version. If you want to export your plans or get cost estimates, you will have to subscribe to their “pro” features. Using MagicPlan is easy thanks to its clear instructions and intuitive design. For DIY enthusiasts, it may take a little time to figure out how to input the information, but after that, it is very simple to use. So, are you thinking of installing it already?


Starting with the coolest feature of this app, too, which is its “View in Room” 3D tool.  With this feature, you can see how a piece of furniture would look in various parts of your home. The product can be moved and resized once you choose a location, whether it is a sofa or a plant. This feature makes online shopping easier because it eliminates a lot of guesswork.

You can explore a product category like furniture and decor by clicking the “3D Images Only” filter. Not all items on Wayfair’s app are compatible, but WayFair lets you virtually see if an item fits your landscape or not. You can also measure an item and add it to your cart once it fits your room.

 In terms of user ratings, Wayfair’s App Store rating is 4.9 out of 5, while its Google Play rating is 4.8 out of 5. In short, it is one of the best app to get your hands on this year.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, we believe home renovation can be quite frustrating, but with a little research and smart work, nothing is impossible. We hope you found this article helpful in this regard. Use the comment space below for more helpful insights; let us keep the discussion going.