Buying A New Home Heres Why Getting A Home Inspection Should Be Your Priority

Purchasing a new home is among the most exciting times in one’s life, with so much to enjoy and learn about one’s new neighborhood and community. The last thing you want is the added concern and stress of unforeseen repairs.

As a home buyer, you have the right to know whether the property you’re considering investing your hard-earned money in is worth the price. Trained home inspectors in Jacksonville Florida are the only individuals who can provide you with ground reality along with professional advice.

But why should you even through this process? Here’s why.  


Even the best homes have flaws and require repairs. If your inspection report reveals issues, you will have the leverage to negotiate the purchase agreement in your favor. As the buyer, you can request that the seller make repairs before finalizing the transaction. You can ask for a reduction in the sale price and a credit for your closing costs. Many home sale agreements include an inspection factor, which allows the buyer to have the home inspected within a certain time frame. It also enables the client to cancel the contract or negotiate changes based on the inspection results.

Assurance Of A Fair Price

If there are major issues that need to be addressed, the home may not be worth the agreed-upon price. For instance, if the roof needs to be replaced soon, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars out of someone’s pocket. Supposing that the purchase offer is contingent on inspection, the buyer can approach the seller and demand that the problem is resolved. They can agree that the customer will fix the roof or lower the sale price to cover the cost of the work. If they cannot reach an agreement, the buyer may withdraw from the deal.


A home inspection can reveal electrical, structural, as well as other safety issues that you may be unaware of. Mold appears to be a big deal with banks lately, and if significant signs of mold are found during a bank inspection, mostly in a basement or attic, they need the mold to be remediated, which might cost $5,000 to $10,000 or even more. If mold testing is required, it is best to hire a home inspector who is certified in mold testing. Check your home-buying contract to ensure that if such environmental issues are discovered, you have the option to decline the offer to buy.

Future Repair Or Replacement Expenses

Other defects discovered by home inspectors may not pose a safety risk or be an immediate concern, but you should repair or replace them in the future. To say the least, buying a home is a costly process, so discovering unexpected repair costs during the first year or two of moving in can be extremely discouraging. Your inspector provides you with a detailed report detailing all of their findings, from major to minor and anything in between. You can use your inspection report to arrange and save for future expenses, such as a roof that will need to be replaced over the next few years or central heating that is nearing the end of its life. It helps you make an informed decision.


Experience develops skills, and experience leads to expertise. An expert home inspector should be capable of inspecting and analyzing things objectively. For the best inspection results, it is essential to find an outright expert in the field who’s been in the business for several years. Always stay up to date on your state’s laws governing home inspector licensing, and follow those laws to ensure smooth operations. Purchasing a home is already an expensive event. Furthermore, if you hire a home inspector who charges a fee that exceeds your budget, it can be very bothersome for you. Find one that meets your requirements, like our home inspectors in Jacksonville, Florida.