People In Mexico Prefer To Buy Houses From The Casa Merida House Project

Around Mexico, there are several construction sites, and companies are constructing various projects for people to buy. The Merida house is also one of the construction projects in which they create a single-family home with multiple amenities. This project contains various features that are useful for the customers, and it also has an attractive architecture that increases the value of the project. This project, also known as the Casa Merida project, is available in the Mayan capital of Mexico.

People In Mexico Prefer To Buy Houses From The Casa Merida House Project

The architects who designed these houses included various attractive features and abilities to the building, improving the look. The total area of each home will be 250m2. The architects initiated the project in 2018, and now it’s available for people to make it as their houses. And according to the surroundings and weather conditions in that location, architects used various methods and tricks to construct the project in that city. So these are some points that people need to know about the Casa Merida project.

Architects of Merida houses

The architects are the essential people in every construction project because the look and design of the project entirely depend on the hands of these people. So, companies with the best and most experienced architects will have more profitable projects than other construction companies. And Ludwig Godefroy Architecture is the company that works on the task of Merida houses. It also has several attractive projects suitable for people and locations.

This company is well known for its residential architecture projects, and the Merida house project is one of the unique projects. This project is one of the best for the architectural company that creates various marvelous projects. They are a famous construction company in Mexico, and they developed various residential projects in multiple cities in this city. These are some of the points that people need to know about the architecture of Merida houses in Merida city.

Features available with the Casa Merida project

The first attractive feature is the air ventilation feature available in the project because this location is a hot area, and people who live here need to run their air conditioners 24/7. So, proper airflow in the building will help people make them cool, and it also allows them to maintain the low temperature inside the house. Other facilities like water and electricity are the primary requirements for every home. So, in these project houses, they created a well-like structure to store water, and it also saves rainwater to increase the water storage. And it also manages the wastewater by several methods.

The wastewater management system in the house will help people water their plants, and it also treats all the wastes by itself, so people don’t need to depend on the services from the central city. Instead, they can clean their drains with various available methods with this project. These are some of the features available with the Merida house project that many people like to buy a house. These projects use various architectural concepts to create these remarkable properties for single families.

Construction of project Casa Merida

Though the location of this project is a historic capital, the architects use various materials related to that location and help establish a cultural reconnect. And they decided to provide a raw look without finishing, and they also avoided unnecessary decorations for the walls. Instead, they used various simple but effective products like Mayan cream stones for the walls, and they used traditional methods to improve the old look of the building. For example, the Ludwig Godefroy Architecture uses the typical Mayan stones used in the pyramids of Mayans and uses some traditional ways to cover the joints in the rocks.

And they also use local brut concrete for the floors and walls without damaging the ancient looks. Finally, they installed various wooden doors and windows to control the lights inside the house. In this construction process, 90 percent of the products are in-built in the project location, and all are from the local products available around the site. And by calculating the aging process of the materials, massive materials are used as the products, which are the points that people need to know about the construction of Merida houses.

Is it reasonable to choose these single-family houses?

The answer is yes, and people who love to live in a location with a tone of history and love to live in a house built with ancient construction materials and techniques. And the site of this project is one of the primary reasons for people to buy them, and it also has various facilities for its users, which help them in multiple ways. These are some reasons that help people understand the features and amenities available with this Merida house project in Merida, Mexico. And the architects of Ludwig Godefroy’s architecture are also the other reason people can buy these projects for their living.


Many kinds of construction projects are available all over Mexico, and most of them are residential properties. Similarly, these Merida houses are residential properties available for single families. And this project is from a famous architecture company known as Ludwig Godefroy Architecture which created several residential projects around several cities in Mexico. Therefore, all the projects from this company will be unique and suitable for all kinds of people.