Garden Room Vs. Conservatory Which Is The Best OptionGarden Room Vs. Conservatory Which Is The Best Option

Adding extra space to your home can make a massive difference, but it is a big decision, and one you will want to get right. Building a garden room or conservatory could stop the need for you to move and pay hefty fees for stamp duty, estate agents and removal companies. If you are struggling to decide between a garden room and a conservatory, this blog post will give you some helpful tips on what might work best for you and your home.

Garden rooms and conservatories add extra space to your home, and before working out which one is best for you it is important to look at the main differences between conservatories and garden rooms.

Both garden rooms and conservatories come in all shapes and sizes. There are no set rules which govern the size of garden rooms and conservatory’s, but if they are a certain size or location, you may need planning permission. At its simplest, conservatories are attached to your house, whereas garden rooms are stand-alone buildings in your garden. Conservatories tend to build with a lot of uPVC and glass, whereas garden rooms can be built with a range of materials, but tend to be crafted from timber and resistant materials.


One of the biggest benefits of a garden room over a conservatory is temperature control – especially in the extremes of summer or winter. Because conservatories have a lot of glass, they can get extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. High end garden rooms can be built with insulation and temperature control, which allows you to keep a good temperature all year round.


As conservatories contain a lot of glass, it can be difficult to ensure that your privacy is maintained. Alternatively, garden rooms can have as much or as little glass as you like. If you prefer your extra space to be located away from the noise and events of you’re the main house, then a garden room is likely to be a better choice. This is because a garden room doesn’t need to be attached to your home, unlike conservatories which are attached to your home, and often built next to a kitchen, which will contain lots of noise and smells from family life. In addition to this, premium garden rooms can contain good soundproofing measures. For many, this makes a much better choice for home office, games room or yoga studios, as you can concentrate on your activities free from distraction.

Screen Glare

Because of the large amount of glass, conservatories will get lots of natural light, which can be a blessing and a curse. If you want to use your extra space as a home office or bar, then you might find that a garden room is a better option, as the extra light of a conservatory will result in screen glare.

Which Is Best?

High quality garden rooms will almost certainly be better than the highest quality conservatories. This is because garden room builders can use durable materials, whereby conservatories are limited to glass and uVPC. In addition to this, garden rooms are more useable all year round, when compared to conservatories, and offer greater privacy.