How Good Are Security Cameras At Night 2How Good Are Security Cameras At Night 2

Security cameras are the easiest way to monitor your home and loved ones. This camera allows you to get live video footage of your desired coverage, even from remote places. But when it comes to getting footage at night, you will need to install security cameras with night vision mode.

This is because not all security cameras are ideal for monitoring at night. Night Vision cameras allow the security cameras to catch vision in low light conditions and provide clear video footage. With this security camera, you can easily monitor what’s happening in or around your home.

Typically, most night vision cameras rely on infrared light sensors. It helps the camera catch a clear video no matter the darkness. To find more details in this regard, go through the entire context.

How Good Are Security Cameras at Night?

How Good Are Security Cameras At Night

How good security cameras are at night actually depends on several factors: camera resolution, megapixels, model, and the technology being used. There are three types of night vision security cameras you will find on the market. Most security cameras utilize infrared sensors, which can capture between 30 and 40 feet during the night.

Besides, high-end cameras with good megapixels and resolution that use powerful sensor technology can capture up to 170 feet. The good thing is that you will find security camera system under 300 that offers 65 to 115 feet of night vision. Using this surveillance camera, you can keep your belongings protected even in the dark.

Different Types of Night Vision Security Cameras

As we said, there are three types of night vision technology, usually security cameras use as we said. These types of night vision security cameras are briefly explained below.

Low Light Night Vision

Low light night vision works using the intensification technology. These types of security cameras need some available light in the coverage areas to supply colored footage. Typically, low-light night vision cameras utilize an image intensifier, which is a vacuum tube based technology.

A vacuum tube produces electrons when light strikes a charged photocathode plate. The electrons then hit the microchannel plate, which aids in the projection of vivid pictures. These security cameras can only produce images in low light conditions.

Infrared (IR) Night Vision

Nowadays, most security cameras are designed with infrared LEDs to generate clear vision in low-light states. The infrared cut filter is the most crucial feature of these security cameras. This IR cut filter is an automatic shutter design placed between the image sensor and the lens.

This filter resists IR light and allows only visual light to go through when activated. When the ICR is switched off, the IR light allows images to be shown in black and white mode. This way, the camera can produce footage during the night conditions.

Thermal Night Vision

Thermal night vision security cameras contain a unique lens that helps IR energy go through them. Unlike intensifying light, this night vision utilizes heat to produce a visual, no matter how the light level is. Thermal imaging can be used to see distances that are further than the naked eye, even in total darkness and poor weather. These security cameras are quite resistant to dirt, smoke, and anti-CCTV surveillance gadgets. For that, security companies, government agencies, and large corporations depend on thermal security cameras.

Why Do You Need Night Vision Security Cameras?

How Good Are Security Cameras At Night 1

There are several advantages you will get from night vision security cameras. We’ve listed a few key benefits of employing night vision security cameras.

Protect All Rooms

Night vision security cameras are an excellent choice for keeping home and business protected. No matter whether your property might have lots of dark areas, these cameras will provide a clear view of your desired coverage. For that, you can set this camera in storage rooms and office spaces that no one is using.

Work Indoors and Outdoors

You can set up night-vision cameras in both indoor and outdoor environments. It will do well in any place without concerning how much surrounding light is in your area. For that, placing a night vision camera indoors where everything is pitch-black allows you to get clear video footage. At the same time, you can also set up a camera outdoors where ambient light is hard to locate.

Always Active

In poor lighting conditions, traditional security cameras struggle to capture video footage. Setting up night vision cameras will always work no matter what happens or where you are. You can assure that the camera will keep everything in your belongings monitored properly. Having this camera on your property, you can prevent anything from being stolen.

Secure Bodies

Night vision cameras are also popular for their compact and easy placement anywhere. You will find some cameras that contain LED bulbs and infrared light systems, although they are small in size. That means you can use this camera where there is not much room in a building. This way, you can keep everything visible in your building.

Keep An Eye On Scrap And Recycling Yards

Scrap Yards, junkyards, and recycling centers are always targeted for theft, especially at night. Although some people may think these sites are non-essential, many valuable things are to be found. By setting up a night vision camera on such sites, you can prevent stealing valuable commodities. Even if something is stolen, you can recover it by following the video footage.

How To Choose The Right Night Vision Security Cameras?

How Good Are Security Cameras At Night 2

While choosing security cameras with night vision, you have to keep in mind some essential factors. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong product that does not meet your necessities. We’ve gone through the factors you should consider.

Optical Zoom

You will find different surveillance cameras that come with optical zoom. This feature lets you view objects with more precision. Different ranges offer security cameras like the 5x, 20x, and 30x. Choosing security cameras with at least 5x zoom will be the best choice for regular use.

Night Vision

It is another important consideration when choosing any security camera. The camera you choose should be designed with the night vision mode. It will allow you to get clear video footage in the darkness. Most cameras are designed with LEDs that help to illuminate the image in the darkness. Make sure that the night vision mode doesn’t compromise the video quality of the day vision.


Security cameras are usually mounted inside or outside the home or office. Installing cameras inside the house doesn’t require the cameras to be waterproof. But when it comes to the outdoors, your camera should be waterproof. Otherwise, your camera can be damaged by rough weather conditions. In that case, you can choose security cameras with a waterproof rating of at least IP66.


The resolution of a security camera is equally important as other features. Typically, the resolution of surveillance cameras can be 2 to 10 megapixels. In some cases, this megapixel can be higher than that range. You will get better video footage when you have higher resolution cameras. So, try to choose security cameras with better resolution.

Motion Detection

Surveillance cameras with motion detection are quite useful. This feature helps the camera record only when any movement occurs in your camera’s coverage. Besides, it allows you to get snapshots whenever the camera senses movement and automatically sends notifications to your device. This way, you will know what is happening in your camera coverage areas.

360-Degree Control

You will also find security cameras that are able to tilt and rotate effortlessly. For that, you can control the view vertically and horizontally easily. This feature is useful for monitoring a large area. Besides, the camera can rotate automatically according to motion detection.


A security camera with the night vision mode will offer you many advantages. However, while purchasing a new surveillance camera, you should also check the other factors mentioned above. Typically, the night vision mode of security cameras is very helpful for monitoring sometimes at night. This function helps you to see clearly even in low-light conditions.

Night vision capability usually varies from camera to camera. Most security cameras can capture between 65 and 115 feet of objects far away from the camera. This distance can also be varied depending on the night vision camera sensor. After reading this context, you might have already learned about different types of night vision cameras. If you still have any confusion, write to us in the comment section.