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Exterior Wall Decor.

The home owners are fond of using brick facades siding for the exterior walls of their homes. Brick is normally the automatic choice for exterior decoration due to its uniqueness, beauty and durability advantage over other materials.

Brick has long been seen as the siding material and exterior beautification of walls since it is sturdy, durable and beautiful to touch and easy on the eyes. Caring for it is not a headache to the homeowner since it does not need any paints.

The siding walls that are made of bricks do not fade, are durable and ageless even in harsh weather conditions and environment. This is why it is preferred as suitable insulators for the exterior walls and as protection for the house against damage from the different weather patterns that tend to adversely affect the outer walls of houses.

Care should be taken to apply some clear vanish to the brick walls since they are porous by nature to protect them from the moisture effects during the rainy or freezing seasons like the winter. It is usually used on wood framed wall over building paper, where a combination of cement, sand, lime as well as water is mixed together and used to fix the bricks firmly. This mortar that is used in holding the bricks in place can also be decorated to look more attractive. The decoration can take different forms, like the concave, flush with bricks, extruding between the bricks or raked. Some are V-joined.

There is a new contemporary material that looks just like brick and it is called brick veneer. This is a manmade material that is now finding popularity with home owners as a brick replica. It is not as heavy as the old fashioned brick, is in varied colors, texture and sizes. It has creative unique patterns and modern touch although it is very similar to the old brick in durability and longevity.

In the modern world, we live blindly by big advertising panels and Facade Lighting. The facade of a building is considered its most important aspect from a design point of view, it sets the tone of the structure. Facade lighting is architecturally designed to enhance the overall look of the facade of a building.

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