Installing Bathroom Sink DrainInstalling Bathroom Sink Drain

Whether or not theres a gasket but especially if not use silicone or plumbers putty to shore up the seal. Apply plumbers tape to the threading on the tailpiece then reattach the tail piece to the pop-up drain flange.

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If it doesnt use non-hardening plumbers putty or silicone to create the seal.


Installing Bathroom Sink Drain. Slide the flat rubber gasket up the tailpiece until it meets the lip of the pop-up drain flange. Installing the drain lines to a bathroom vanity sink is actually easier if the sink drain and the pipe in the wall are not lined up. Bathroom Sink Drain Installation Instructions 2 BATHROOM SINK DRAIN INSTALLATION 2.

If you are to install a new bathroom sink drain hole or repair the damaged one go to any local hardware and supplies store and ask for 1. The first is the rough-in when you install all the water drain and vent pipes in the walls and leave them stubbing out at the sink. Some sinks come with gaskets that go between sink and tailpiece.

Place the rolled putty around the underside of the sink flange. Or 1 15 inches drain hole. 8192020 Bathroom sink drainpipe installation is an easy process provided you stick to the following installation process to fit the drainpipe.

6222018 Installing drain and vent lines in your bathroom is a home project that can be completed in a weekend. However home drain cleaning can only be done effectively if you know the kind of pipes that connect to your sinks. NOTE Some drain kits come with a flange washer as this one did.

372020 How to Install a Bathroom Pop-Up Sink Drain Step 1 Roll plumbers putty between your hands to form a piece about the size of a gummy worm. It might be possible to simplify supply runs by moving a vent pipe over a few. Plastic Sink Drain Pop-Up Drain Assembly in Chrome Finish.

Connect the drain into the hole beneath the sink. You can even go for a 1. 4122011 Install the tailpiece and drain kit.

Before you begin have your plans approved by an inspector and consider the following. From under the sink hold the drain tailpiece with one hand and tighten the mounting nut upwards toward the bottom of the sink. These are the most commonly used sizes.

Make sure the opening in the tailpiece where the pop-up pivot lever will fit is pointing straight back toward the wall. Keeney 1 4 In Push On Bathroom Sink Drain With Overflow Brushed Nickel K820 75bn The Pop Up Lift Turn Pull Out Stopper Bathroom Sink Drains Boyel Living Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Vessel Vanity Pop Up With Overflow Rb0739 The. Drain and vent lines must be positioned precisely so you should install them before the supply pipes.

Typically youll be installing a rubber gasket that squeezes against the sink along with a washer and nut. The 4- or 6-inch holes may receive either a center set or a single-lever faucet. Connect a P-trap to the drain tailpiece which is the straight pipe that extends down from the drain.

The wider types are meant to receive a split-set faucet with faucet handles separate from the spout. Insert the drain flange and tailpiece through the top of your sinks drain hole. Install the drain and water lines.

Tighten the Drain Assembly. Of putty of sufficient length to wrap around the drain. Prior to installing the new drain take a bit of plumbers putty and roll it between your palms so that it forms a long snake.

Inch size if necessary. Drop the tailpiece through the sink and screw on the tailpiece nut from underneath. 9192020 How bathroom sink plumbing works including a diagram of the drain plumbing assembly A bath sink typically has two fixture holes on either 4- 6- or 8-inch centers.

Installation of bathroom sink plumbing proceeds in two phases. Open the provided PVC drainpipe kit and ensure that all the items listed there are inside. Press the putty onto the underside of the new drain flange and insert the drain into the sink.

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