DIY Dining Room TableDIY Dining Room Table

The design comes with a simple base but has double angles making it interesting. See more ideas about DIY dining room table design.

As a DIY person with passion specifically for woodworking, I’ve always wanted to build a dining room table. It wasn’t until I had the weekend free that I got started building a dining table. And was I glad that I find the time to build. It was one of the woodworking project that I’m really proud of.


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Round tables are perfect for intimate gatherings.


DIY Dining Room Table. Use a table saw or cordless circular saw to trim the leg blanks to final width and thickness. Making a DIY dining table from reclaimed wood which can be sourced from old fences barns decks boxes or even pallets is easy on the environment and usually easier on your wallet. Though the dining table is small it can easily accommodate four people in a narrow area.

To build a table for a dining area is a matter of setting the style for the whole dining area. The dining room table would serve as the focal point of the whole setting, thus it is imperative that the dining table is well built and of good quality.

In building a dining room table, I have to consider some things like:


Most common materials used for a dining table legs are wood and metal. While wood, glass and granite are also commonly used for tabletops. I personally prefer using wood as it compliments with my dining area and I’ve had more experience working with wood.


Another consideration is the size as well as the shape of the dining table. The more common shape of a dining table is circle and rectangle. These are very safe choices though you also cannot go wrong with an oval shape.

As for the size, you would want the dimension of the table to be just about right with the space available in the dining room. It must also allow some space in the dining room for people to move about.

Another thing is the proportion of the different parts of the table. The table top must be proportionate to the legs, to the apron as well as the whole structure itself. It must come off well put together.


There’s no one standard finishing to a wooden dining table. It all comes down to personal preference. The safest suggestion I can give is to use the same kind of stain that you used on other furnishing in the house. This way, all furniture will come together in a blend of style. But if you are to make table more durable, you may consider using multiple levels of clear coats.


Dining room table comes in various shapes and design. Some tables come with the table legs straight, tapered or curved. There are also many variation to the tabletop as well.

To build a dining room table, I strongly suggest you work with a dining table plan. This way, you have a clear idea on the design, materials and you also have a step-by-step instruction on how to go about building a dining room table.

In my case, I already have a resource which I’ve been using in my previous woodworking projects. They also have many dining table plans to choose from. This is also the same resource I been using to build my own dining room table. A very nifty guide indeed for a DIY person.

You may want to check it out and see if it gives you the same benefit as I’m sure it will.


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