Replace Bathroom Sink Drain

Squirt or spread plumbers putty or another approved sink. 6292020 When picking a tap s surface you must initially consider the restroom s color scheme.

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Replace Bathroom Sink Drain Plumbing DIY Home.


Replace Bathroom Sink Drain. Most sink drains are held in place by compression between the drains lip on the topside of the sink and a locknut on the underside. Replacing a bathroom faucet can be simple when you have the know-how. Youll note one of them is much too loose but the other one fits just right.

No washers are required here. Remove them from the drain. Bathrooms with cooler tones are fit by chrome and stainless steel surfaces whereas brass as well as bronze lavatory taps enhance washrooms with cozy color schemes.

Danny from The Home Depot walks through the installation of a new sink faucet in just. Lay out a towel under your sink to catch any drips and to cushion your work area. 6242017 Getting at the Sink Drain Itself.

Push a new washer followed by a nut on the sink basket piece that drops below the sink. Reach into the sink from above and run the blade of a utility knife through the bead of caulk all the way around the rim of the sink. This needs to be loosened and the drain can then be removed.

You simply slip a nut onto the waste drain and press it against the other pipe then hand tighten the nut. Reassemble the drain below the sink. Removal of the sink drain itself now can vary a bit but you can see there will generally be a large nut holding it in place with a rubber washer compressed up against the sink.

Next find the washer that will fit onto the drain under the sink. Reach behind your drain and unscrew the cap around the pop-up ball and rod. Wrap the threads of the pipe with plumbers tape and set the rubber gasket and mounting nut back in place on the underside of the sink.

4272011 Replacing an Undermount Sink 1 Cut through the caulk that connects the sink to the underside of the counter. 12292017 Loosen the locknut that holds the drain in place. 3202015 Replacing a Sink Drain Instructions.

1232020 How To Install Bathroom Sink Drain Queen Bee Of Honey Dos Replace A Trap And Add Cleanout Fine Homebuilding Bathroom Sink Drain Leaking Around Thre Premier Plumbing Inc. Place a slip joint nut on the pipe first followed by the washer.

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