34 Fabulous Scandinavian Laundry Room Design Ideas34 Fabulous Scandinavian Laundry Room Design Ideas

Its one of the most used rooms in the house but it never gets a makeover. What room is it? The laundry room. Almost every home has a laundry room and it is usually the room that catches everything from video games that got left in the pockets to money including loose change.

You can make doing laundry more enjoyable by providing new decor to this room. When your laundry area is organized and appealing, it makes doing laundry more enjoyable, if that is possible. Here are some helpful tips for decorating the laundry room.

This is one room that you can theme and make it look great. Take a little while to decide what type of theme you want to place in this room. The theme can be of the beach, your favorite NASCAR driver, or something you like to collect. You can even make the laundry room look old fashioned. For example, have an antique washboard on the wall.

Most laundry rooms are small but try to fit a chair and purchase a book holder that can hang on the back of the chair to hold a magazine or book that you can read while the washer is going.