Admirable Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas 31Admirable Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas 31

Each year, hundreds of children drown in backyard swimming pools and hot tubs. Many of these fatalities are preventable if only parents and other adults would take the time to learn a few simple safety rules.

So, for those of you who have a pool or hot tub on your property, here are seven things you need to know to protect your children, your family, and your friends.

Install a fence or barrier at least 4 feet high that completely surrounds the pool or tub. Openings in the fence should be no greater than 4 inches. If you have an above-ground pool with walls at least 4 feet high, keep the ladder raised and locked or remove it whenever the pool is not in use. If your hot tub has a cover, use it whenever no one is in the tub. Also, remove any steps or risers normally used to enter the water.

Make sure that the water in the pool or tub is clear and sanitized before use. Use a chlorine, bromine or non-chlorine product to sanitize the water. Carefully follow the directions for safe handling, use, and storage. Contact a pool or spa professional if you have questions. Obtain a kit for testing the levels of sanitizer in the water. Test on a regular basis. Learn what the recommended sanitizer levels are.