Fabulous Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 19Fabulous Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinets 19

Modern kitchens have plywood or Formica tops for a clean, contemporary and elegant look. If you are a retro fan, you can give your kitchen a different kind of look – with rustic decor.

You will be able to give your kitchen that countryside or vintage look with dark oak or mahogany cabinets. This type of decor is as easy to clean as the regular ones and provides better resistance to heat and dampness.

Rustic decor for your kitchen can be bulky so you will have to determine how much space you have in you kitchen before going for it. Though they are easy to transport due to compactness, they require extreme care as scratches or dents can diminish their beauty.

Choose wood that is highly resistant to heat such as oak and mahogany. Again, it should be well-polished to resist dampness. Look out for the hinges and make sure they are of heavy duty type because the wood is very heavy and a light hinge can snap easily.

If you are placing the wooden cabinet in direct sunlight, you will need to shield them with heavy curtains or else they will discolor over time. More importantly, keep hot liquids from spilling onto the surface of the wood if it is the natural type without polish. If that becomes inevitable, use pads to shield the base of the coking utensils from direct contact with the wood. Excessive heat can cause swelling of the surface, leading to discoloration, cracking and denting.