Popular French Country Living Room Decoration Ideas 11Popular French Country Living Room Decoration Ideas 11

Living rooms are essential to every home and deserve all the attention, budgets and facilities you can think of. It is the family personality reflected in the living room design or perhaps the head who gets to decide what should be in and what gets left out.

Focus on some essential guidelines and create a picture perfect plan, incorporating a variety of furniture, carpets and curtains, art works and cushions with effective color contrasts or blends.

Whites or grays, browns and blues, alone or in combination – the walls and floors need to match too. Choose the style closest to the heart, since the choices are too many. Finally, the vision should be a decor to keep everybody enthralled through the years!

Depending upon the family lifestyle, if the plan is to receive guests, you need plenty of additional furniture along with the large L shaped sofa set perhaps. Lightweight side chairs will serve the purpose and they can be quickly shifted around to accommodate several guests. Eternally appealing living rooms need plenty of preferably light colored fabrics too. An image of peace and harmony, muted shades and productivity is communicated with all the lighting fixtures and the accessories.

The choice of furniture will decide the heavenly ambience of the French style living room. The sofas and the chairs, tables and side tables could be classic arty pieces or products of fancy. Make them romantic or let them be sedate, but make them timeless. Choose the accessories to represent a variety of cultures and ideas.

What are the furniture effects to aim for? Perhaps the antique or the rustic themes are appealing? They should feel cozy all right for those warm little meetings when the sun is setting as a prelude to the fabulous wines and dinners that wait. The memorable occasions with guests and relatives after long decades would turn out to be sublime events amidst the comfort and the color.