Amazing Small Cottage Interiors Decor Ideas 14

Cottages are not just little houses built for vacationing. Modern cottages are exciting homes that make superior use of their interior space. Snug nooks and inviting corners await you in cottages of all sizes.

Since the Middle Ages, people have lived in cottages. During the 15th century, cottages were built for farm workers and their families and often included a barn and acres of land.

By the 18th century, miners and weavers resided in cottages. Modern cottages are usually one and one-half stories, although single story cottages are popular for waterfront getaways. Modern cottages include ranches, Cape Cods and Katrina cottages. A cottage can be as spacious or small as you want.

Vacation retreats are often cottages because of their efficient design. Waterfront and lake communities are checkered with cottages along the shore. In days gone by, fishermen lived in these cottages to be near the water. Today vacationers flock to cottages near rivers and seas to experience the relaxation of the water.

Cottages tucked away in the woods are often referred to as cabins. There are a variety of small cottage house plans to create your ideal oasis away from it all.