The Best Valentine Door Decorations 28The Best Valentine Door Decorations 28

Adding a touch of classy romance and country charm to a willow branch wreath can bring admirable envy to your front entry way, or any currently unadorned passage you may come across at home or abroad.

To honor our always anticipated and annual salute to love and romance, a well thought out and unique Valentines Wreath will definitely stand out as an original craft idea visible for all to see.

For this project, a willow branch wreath was used to resemble a birds nest. A very large birds nest for that matter. Using a hot glue gun, attach crafter’s moss along the inside edge of the wreath. Next, wrap some red fabric knit around the top of the wreath. Then, before tying the bow, run the red fabric knit through the hook at the top of the ornament securing it as you make the bow on the wreath.

To complete the project, take 3 heart shaped picks, and using wire cutters remove all but 1 inch of the stem. Insert the 3 heart shaped picks, staggering them along the right side of the wreath, which allows the attached ribbon to show. Keeping the wreath simple is the key to this design. You can save it as is to hang every year, or take it out to make any new additions or changes that fit your fancy.