Beautiful Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas 21Beautiful Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas 21

If you really want to bring people into the Christmas spirit when they come to your home during the holidays, here are several Christmas door decorating ideas that can be an excellent first step.

Your entrance way is the first thing that people see when they come to your home so it might be the most important part of your Christmas decorating.

One of the interesting Christmas door decorating ideas that some people have tried is to make your front door look like it is a giant wrapped present. In order to do this, wrap the door up to the edge and fold the paper back under itself rather than wrapping around the edge. Use pieces of double stick tape to stick the paper onto your front door. You can use the same trick to put on large pieces of ribbon and then leave a big bow in the center. You may want to test the tape on your door to be sure it does not bother the paint.

For a twist on this idea, make a matching smaller door out of cardboard for the elves to use. Cover the cardboard with the same color that you covered your real door. Add a small wreath or ribbon to match your real door. Set it next to your real door and post a little note that says “Elves enter here!”