Awesome Traditional Fireplace Ideas Perfect For Wintertime 09Awesome Traditional Fireplace Ideas Perfect For Wintertime 09

The traditional fireplace uses mostly wood as fuel. This usually poses great risk to health and environment even with all the safety precautions employed. Wood fire is a bit difficult to control and the flying sparks can be fire hazards.

Even with all the advances in technology applicable to all fields of life, wood burning fireplaces still pose the same hazard as it did so many years ago. There are numerous reports about how these types of fireplaces are detrimental to the environment.

The smoke produced by burning wood contains additives and when carried to the air becomes one of the many pollutants that destroy the atmosphere. This is further compounded by the cutting down of several trees by loggers, both legal and illegal and yes, to a small intent those that chop trees to make fuel for the fireplace, turning it into a vicious cycle.

Aside from the harm to mother nature, there is also a delayed effect of smoke on the body. The fumes contain substances that may cause lung disease and tumors that results from long term exposure. Children and the elderly and more susceptible as they have weaker immune systems to clear out the harmful effects of indoor air pollution.