The Best Winter Bathroom Decor Ideas 05The Best Winter Bathroom Decor Ideas 05

Do you dread the thought of getting out of a warm bed on a cold winters morning? Once you get in the shower it’s not so bad but getting there and getting out is unbearable if your bathroom is cold.

Luckily there are a few methods that make this seemingly impossible mission bearable. Fixtures that make a bathroom warmer include heated flooring, heated towel rails, heated lighting and continuous hot water.

Heated flooring is a real treat if you can afford to add it to your bathroom. Heated flooring is installed beneath the tiles so this is an option if you are building or replacing your flooring.

Other options that don’t require major changes to your bathroom include heated lighting, which provides great warmth in your bathrooms and is a blessing when you’re drying yourself.

Heated towel rails ensure that towels are warm when you get out of the shower and they radiate warmth throughout the bathroom. Having two heated towels, one for your body and one for your hair, will keep you nice and snug. If installing new towel rails is not an option hot water bottles can achieve a similar outcome. Wrap your clothes, towels or pajamas around hot water bottles to warm them up or put them in the tumble dryer for 5 minutes before putting them on.

One of the worst things that can happen when you are desperately trying to warm up in the shower on a winters day is to have the water turn cold mid-shower. Aargh, it’s happened to everyone at some stage and it is not pleasant! The secret to avoiding this is selecting the right hot water unit for your house. Factors to consider include the number of people in your home, the number of bathrooms and whether water is likely to be used in different areas simultaneously. If you are showering at the same time as one of the children in the other bathroom you need to ensure that you have a hot water system that can cope with providing hot water to both bathrooms.