Fabulous Winter Living Room Decor Ideas 06Fabulous Winter Living Room Decor Ideas 06

Redesign the space and greet the New Year with an inviting and comfortable living room. An intimate conversation area will inspire gatherings for long chats over a warm cup of cocoa.

Texture, natural elements and light create a tangible ambience. If you have a formal room, relaxing the atmosphere a bit with some of the casual comforts suggested will help create a room that feels cozy and inviting.

To create a conversation area, bring the sofas off the wall if necessary, allowing no more than 8 ft from the front of two parallel sofas or a sofa and two armchairs. If you have enough furniture to create “U” formation, make sure that there is at least 18″ between the coffee table and the furniture gathered around it. Bring in color and texture with a throw and pillows. The idea is to create a place where someone would love to sink into and read a book or have a long conversation.

The coffee table is an important “grounding item” in the conversation area, it allows family and friends to have a place to set down their reading, drinks, or even play a board game. Even the suggestion of one of these activities displayed on the coffee table will both liven up and relax the room. Punch up the color and texture with candles, a collection, natural elements like pinecones in a bowl or basket, antique books or other tabletop display. Unify the look by placing the coffee table accessories on a large tray or plate. Woven fabric works nicely too.

A throw rug or carpet underneath the furniture will tie all the pieces together and add another layer of texture and warmth, boosting the “cozy” factor of the room.

Side tables can also be used next to the chairs and sofa, taking care not to block off easy entrance into the conversation area at least through one end. Side tables give another opportunity to personalize the space with accessories, and are needed to hold a lamp or candles for both beauty and function.