Lovely Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas 05Lovely Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas 05

The adjective ‘shabby’ has been given new life, especially after the Bohemian aesthetic came into vogue in the 80s and 90s. It is a look that aims to be stylish yet personal and quirky at the same time.

Matching vintage or distressed items with brand new ones in an eclectic mix is a key element in creating this look. If anything, comfort is the single most important factor that should never be compromised.

Vintage items are some of the most important items to achieve the shabby chic look. Flea markets and garage sales are great sources of those kinds of pieces because you can already get them aged and distressed, just the way you need them to be. Using slip covers is one neat trick you can use to quickly and easily modify the appearance of a furniture piece if one of them isn’t the way you like it. Faded slip covers in particular should keep your décor faithful to the shabby look.

Plain vanilla white is often the best choice of color for your walls so that you have a wider range of options for the rest of your décor. It also keeps your options open for any art pieces you may think of hanging on your walls. If you’d like to add another color, the trim and baseboards can be done in an opposite color to add contrast and a contemporary touch. It’s perfect if you have limitations on the modifications you can make, such as if you are renting the room that you are planning on decorating.

Flooring is a very open proposition for this shabby chic look because just about anything goes. Wooden floors though, are some of the more popular choices for the look. Area rugs are a good touch to add, not just because they break up the color monotone of the floor but also because they lend a homier feel to the room. It’s that comfortable, at-home look that you’re after, and that’s exactly what area rugs can give.