Fabulous Bedroom Color Ideas 32Fabulous Bedroom Color Ideas 32

You can find so many different types of bedroom painting ideas out there…where do you start? Well, the fist thing to do is get a catalog of paints that are suitable for the bedroom.

As you go over the catalog, you will find so many of them being merely lighter shades of an existing color. If you taken a look at pink, you can find both lighter and darker shades of pink available in the catalog.

The point is that if you want to get really creative, stop using only one color scheme. Many people are known to opt for the baby pink color for their bedrooms, how about something a bit bolder like cotton candy pink. You can opt to have just one wall of the bedroom painted this way and the other painted in other shades of pink. It is the kind combination of bedroom paint colors that you select that can really make the room come alive.

Since the bedroom is the place where you come to relax, you should always use bedroom color schemes that are fairly soothing and relaxing. This means colors like light pink or lavender or blue or light green are the ones that you should be considering. Bolder shades of such colors can be used provided the room is a large one, as it will give a cozier effect. However, if your bedroom space is small, better to opt or lighter shades because it will make the place to look more open and larger too. If you want a more energizing effect in your bedroom, perhaps you should check out something like green or yellow or orange.

Experiment with colors. Take the shade card and check out selected bedroom paint colors and see how well certain combinations go and what is suitable with what. For example, a combination of lavender and green can give a really dreamy effect to the bedroom walls. You can also come out with your own shade of any tint and give this a try on your walls to see how well it matches with other features of the room.

Remember when selecting a paint color, check if it matches with bedroom features such as the bed, the closet and so on. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away and take up a totally new color which can be great to look at, but in reality it may not blend well with the existing things in the room.