Stunning Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas 23Stunning Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas 23

Remodeling a bathroom can cause some to gnash their teeth in frustration, but others see it as an opportunity to remake this piece of their home into something unique.

One of the most important, and used, items in the bathroom is the toilet. Now when most people think of a toilet they picture the iconic porcelain bowl. While this may be the most common design, it is far from the only.

An entire industry has sprung up designing specialized toilets. Computerized toilets have been in development for the past decade or so, but the most recent models are truly amazing. Options include an mp3 player, heated toilet seat, motorized toilet seat, and automatic washer. The latest Japanese version will even analyze urine and give you an immediate detailed read out sugar levels, body fat, and blood pressure. Prices range anywhere from 1000 to 3500 depending on the number of options you choose. Not all options are targeted for technology lovers.

There are dozens of unique designs available. For fish lovers Oliver Beckert has a fish tank toilet. Perfectly normal in all respects except that tank on the back is an actual fish tank. The Dagobert Throne toilet has a throne shaped mahogany seat featuring a pull chain flusher and even candle holder in one arm.

And just to prove there’s something for everyone there are toilets that look complete standard, except for the tabbed toilet seat. If desired you can assign a specific tab for every member of the family.