Nice Living Room Ceiling Lights Design Ideas 07Nice Living Room Ceiling Lights Design Ideas 07

A typical home plan consists of various kinds of spaces categorized as per their primary function. A living room is amongst the most important spaces in any home. It is a room with maximum area in plan.

In spite of variations in shape, size and volume of living rooms depending upon design of each, one thing is common for all kind of living rooms and that’s their need to have an inviting nature.

This kind of inviting nature can be achieved by using some easy design principles such as use of bright colors. If lighting is used with these colors then a very magical play of colors can be used enhance the
living room space.

Lighting primarily is categorized in two types 1) Natural lighting (Direct sunlight) and 2) Artificial lighting. Natural light received from the Sun is the most obvious and healthy source of light we receive during daytime. Though the intensity and quantity of sunlight coming inside the space can be controlled using diffused glasses or curtains on windows.

When the direct sunlight falls on the inside walls the color of the walls temporarily changes to a mixture of sunlight plus the original wall shade. This particular phenomenon can be use to our advantage. By finding out the wall that received direct sunlight and painting that wall with bright color a beautiful diffused and “reflected light” can be created absolutely free. This “reflected light” will help in creating an ambience in the living room.

Artificial lighting is a wide area of study of interior designers. Unlike sunlight in this type of lighting every aspect of light, right from its color to it’s intensity or even it’s area of spreading can be controlled with various controls. Also depending upon the requirement of the living room space a single or multiple number of lights of various intensities can be used.