Amazing Japanese Living Room Decoration Ideas 13Amazing Japanese Living Room Decoration Ideas 13

The Japanese style of decorating is popular for those who seeking elegant simplicity without entail a full home makeover. The design can be seen in simple, clean lines, uncluttered surfaces and certain materials with architectural features and landscaping reminiscent of tradition such as rice, silk and natural woods.

In addition, there are certain elements that should be included that blends well with other decorating and can add harmony and calm to the home. It can also be as simple as hiding clutter and adding a few splashes of color and accessories if you want your room to be authentically Japanese.

The Japanese is emphasized on minimalism, clean lines, low furniture and soothing earth tones, which have brighter and features exposed wooden beams, rough wooden floors, folk art, big windows, vintage fabrics and lanterns.

The characteristic tends to modern look, which is perfect for small spaces and lofts. The style maintains simplicity but adds splashes of green, black lacquer or brilliant red shade.

This interior can be achieved by using minimal decoration such as ornamentation, geometric order and a balance of seemingly opposing features as embodied in the concept of yin yang effect.

You will need to remove all clutter and anything fussy. Walls are kept mostly bare because the style of decorating is extremely simple. Maybe it just needs one piece of artwork hanging in the middle.

You must select basic colors like brown, gray and tan, with accents of gold. These four colors are predominant in homes, which can be included black lacquered furniture preferably with gold accents.

These are freestanding screens that usually use a shoji or rice paper screen to the room and often used as room dividers or to liven up a corner of the room. Since it is traditional interior design living room habit to sit on the floor in Japan, you can put pillows on the floor.

If you want to strengthen the atmosphere of Japanese look, try to include some carefully chosen decorative accessories such as Bonsai plants, bamboo blinds and grass mats.